It was another amazing night at Inspirado, with two fantastic sets.  After the dust and impressions had settled, it was The Music Industry trotting away with their 6th victory!

The trash talk started fierce.  Doug Widick accused “Big baby man” Sebastian Conelli of harassing him over his tight pants, while Comic Kevin Cobbs, The Music Industry Captain complimented Widick and Demuth of co-opting hip hop while being white guys in ties.

Demuth and Widick went first and selected Artsy.  Their challenge was called Old Timey: Your show tonight is a black and white film.  Demuth and Widick spun a wild tale of fighting couples, plus two carnival barkers who could guess your weight (and also read your mind).  Also, two old talkin’ Juggalos in love, finished with a fantastic Sebastian Conelli impression.

The Music Industry selected Indianapolis.  Their challenge was called Colts: The Indiapolis Colts play in the National Football League.  IN your show tonight, every character is on a horse.  TMI showed us some old cowboys (who’ve bred with horses), some cabin campers (on horses) an episode of Jeopardy on Horses (and Horse Jeopardy), Even the show was introduced on a horse.

In the end, The Music Industry prevailed once again, winning their 6th straight week.  Two weeks away from an epic Oh Shit Challenge.  Next week, Kornfeld and Andrews step into the Inspirado ring to see if they can stop them.  Who will win?!  INSPIIIIIIIRAAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


widick demuth

The Music Industry is looking unstoppable as they head into their 6th week of Inspirado glory.  But are looks deceiving?  Enter into the fray the powerhouse duo DEMUTH & WIDICK.  The powerhouse couple are no strangers to the Magnet stage, gracing it on Megawatt and Musical Megawatt teams.  In addition, they know what it takes to take home the Inspirado gold/plant, as both are long time members of infamous hip hop improv team NORTH COAST who themselves are an Oh Shit Champion at Inspirado.

Who will win?  One of these teams.  These are the options.  UNLESS?!?!? No.  BUT WHICH ONE?!? THAT IS THE QUESTION!  FIND OUT TONIGHT AT INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOO!


It was a night of electric energy at another fantastic Inspirado.  Both teams came to win, but only one was awarded the right to move on as champions.

The trash talk started with Pat May accusing TMI of “sucking” ever since they were in “their father’s pee” demonstrating a profound misunderstanding of child birth.  Kevin Cobbs proceeded to demonstrate that no one cares about Eli Itzkowitz’s twitter account.

Metal Boy went first and selected Nerdy: ConversationTech – Every scene in your show must take place using a progressively more high tech form of communication technology than the previous scene. Whew!  Pretty nerdy.  Beginning with letters and some crass carrier pigeon users, Metal Boy took the crowd on a whirlwind through time from typewriters, pony/lion express to holographic internet projections landing finally in the future where people need to vomit their words and stuff them into each others ears.

The Music Industry then took the stage to try to defend their crown, and selected Physical: U Lift Bro? – Every scene in your show takes place on a different machine on the gym.  Featuring a very long trip on a stationary bike, and a lot of folks entering into leg and arm competitions, more and more overshirts were shed and biceps exposed as the show progressed.

In the end,The Music Industry walked away in a tight match, winning their FIFTH Inspirado in a row.  Who will stop them!?!?!  Oh the Humanity!?!?!?


Metal Boy

The Music Industry is half way to what would be the 6th Oh Shit! challenge in Inspirado History.  Only 4 more teams stand in their way.  Who could stop them?  It seems not men nor flesh can stand in their way.

Enter, Metal Boy.  The brand new Megawatt team is tearing up Wednesday night’s and they have plans to extend their reign to Thursdays.  Suli Beg, Nolan Constantino, Woody Fu, Chrissie Gruebel, Eli Itzkowitz, Pat May, Carly Monardo, and Sam Rogal are robots who have yet to hit puberty, and they mean business.  Before they head off to metal summer camp.

Do they enjoy Slayer, or are they made of Titanium?  Do they have what it takes to stop The Music Industry?  Find out this Thursday, 11pm, at Inspirrrrraaaaaaaddddddddoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

OCTOBER 2ND RE-CAP: The Music Industry picks apart wallet, 4Some!

It was a night of picking pockets and Liam Neeson on the Inspirado stage.  Two inspiring sets later, The Music Industry would roll on as victors for the 4th straight week.

The show started fierce with the trash talk.  Jana Schmieding accused TMI of being trashy trashy trash trash.  Kevin Cobbs said he would need to be paid $2400 to watch 4some in a foursome.  Snap!

4Some went first and selected Dumb.  Their challenge was LIAM NEESON – Your show tonight is Taken 3, starring Liam Neeson.  A daughter, kidnapped by a knee-sore bad guy.  But the mother (Liam Neeson) had a particular set of shopping skills.  And also saving people.  The adults were broken up, and broken.  Turns out the child didn’t need saving after all because she also possessed a particular set of skills.  Directed by Tyler Perry.

TMI selected Random: ID – Your show tonight is inspired by the contents of a random audience member’s wallet.  TMI proceeded to rip apart an audience members wallet, pocketing for themselves the ID, cash, and credit cards to be used in scenes with their friends, and a psychotherapist reading out loud his full routing and account number.

In the end, TMI prevailed in a tight match enjoyed by all.  Next week, they face Megawatt upstarts Metal Boy.  Will he become a Metal Man?  Only time will tell next week at Inspiradoooooooooooooooo.



The Music Industry is on a tear through the Inspirado stage, winning 3 weeks in a row.  The Inspirado Gauntlet gets no easier, however, as their challengers this week are Improv titans 4Some

4Some  features 20/4000 members Jana Schmieding, Lauren Olsen, and Christian Paluck, PLUS Hello Laser’s Alan Fessenden.  And while they’re coming hot off a rave reviewed Fringe sketch show, they’ll be putting the scripts away and busting out the ‘prov skills showcased in Chet Watkins, Armando Diaz Experience, TourCo, and private conversations with their friends and loved ones.

Will Christian Paluck make a very specific reference to food and/or cars?  Will Jana Schmieding yell at Christian?  Will Alan Fessenden wear a tie?  Will Lauren Olsen chew gum before the show!?!?  FIND OUT THIS THURSDAY, AT INSPIRADDDOOOOOOOOOOOO!

SEPTEMBER 25TH RECAP: The Music Industry Wins in the battle of Long Scenes vs. Short!

The Music Industry took on The Ali Fisher Duo in a deadly grudge match of improvisational speed and fiery eye contact

The Trash talk was harsh, will Ali Fisher of the Ali Fisher Duo confessing to starring longingly at The Music Inustry’s near nude group photo, while former Ali Fisher roommate Kevin Cobbs returned Ali’s copy of Mein Kampf, exposing Ali as a horrible racist.  Oh Shit!

The Ali Fisher Duo went first and selected Physical.  Their Physical challenge was called Contact: You must make and maintain eye contact for your entire show.  TAFD regaled with a monoscene tale of former lovers, meeting up again at the bar where one worked.  Massive loving and hating eye contact ensued; other patrons were ignored, drinks were somehow poured, and dancing with spins were employed.  In the end, it turns out that a lot of arson in your past doesn’t mean you can’t stare lovingly into a mirror at someone.

Up next was The Music Industry, bidding member Charles Rogers Adieu in his final show before moving.  They selected Dumb and their challenge was called Short: No scene in your show can be longer than three lines.  TMI barreled through a barrage of short short scenes, some with no lines at all, some with long length speeches or awkward long pauses, and of course a man with balls on his head.  A scene with three different marching lines technically had many more than three actual lines, but they swept by on a technicality.  In the end, they set the improv world record for most sweep edits in a show.

The contest was tight, but in the end the audience voted The Music Industry victor for their 3rd week in a row.  They’ll return next week to face off against formidible veterens 20/400 (Jana Schmieding, Lauren Olsen, and Christian Paluck).  Who’ll win?  YOU DECIDE!  INSPIRAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOO