Jan. 2nd Preview: The New Year Brings…A New Champion?

1497502_250947588400740_620074244_nIt’s not everyday that you get to see the FIRST Inspirado of 2014…in fact, today is the ONLY time when you’ll be able to do so.   Megawatt newbies, The FLOOD bless The Inspirado Stage tonight.  They’re a team of gentle giants, lovers…not fighters.  This gives them a finesse unlike any other improv team in the history of planets.  But can they use their improv genius to take down 3-time Inspirado Champions Weekend of Regret? Uhhh…Who knows?!

Tonight at 11pm, there will be snow.  There will be a lot of snow.   But blizzards have never stopped this show in the past…and it shouldn’t stop you.  We’ll see you TONIGHT at 11pm for the showdown of the new year…The Flood v. Weekend of Regret!  Who will win?  You decide.  Inspiradooooooo!

Oct. 24th Preview: MEGALOU is here…

They’re here.  MegaLou (Megan Gray & Louis Kornfeld) cram 14 years of relationship into 30 minutes of Inspirado love.   But one thing stands in their way, the incredible Inspirado champions Pumpkin!  Can MegaLou smash Pumpkin in their 3rd week on the Inspirado stage?  Or will MegaLou get spooked just like everyone else has?  You decide!  Thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADOOOOO!!!!



Tonight is the night.  After 8 weeks of Trike, tonight is the night.  After almost a full year of no #OHSHIT Challenges, tonight is the night.  2 years after the very first #OHSHIT Challenge, tonight is the night.

Trike will be facing the infamous MalBec (Jamaal Sedayao and Rebecca Robles), for their 9th and final challenge on the Inspirado board.  Throughout their  8 week run they have done nothing but triumph; completing every challenge on the board and climbing to the very tippy top.  Tonight, they complete their quest for The Dale North Memorial Cross Country Skii’s.  Will they win?  Will they go to jail?  You decide.  INSPIRADOOOO! #ohshit



Well, here we are.  2 years into the greatest show of all time.  Can you feel that?  It’s excitement.  It’s love.  It’s inspiration.  Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.  Around this point.  2 years into the greatest show of all time.  Only once in our lives does a show this novel, this sexy, this “only improv competition in the world”-ish come around.  TONIGHT!

The infmaous Northcoast returns to take on the returning Inspirado champions…ALL AMERICAN.  Who will win?  Once again…it’s all up to you.  BIRTHDAY INSPIRADO! TONIGHT!  BE THERE! INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

April 4th PREVIEW: The Boss Steps Into The Arena…



Ladies and Gentlemen…THE BOSS.  Thursday, April 4th marks an incredible night in The Inspirado History books, it marks the night that THE BOSS will make their debut on The Inspirado Stage.  In the almost 2 years that Inspirado has around, we have never been able to procure the legendary improv team, this week, the Inspirado audience is in for a treat.  Known for their character work, patience and well weaved connections, The Boss has been playing at The Magnet for over 6 years.  This week, they face THE WRATH.

In their 6th year of improvising together, can The Boss take down The Wrath, who is in their 6th week on The Inspirado Stage?  You decide.  Thursday, April 4th at 11pm.  INSPIRADOOOOOOOOO!!!!

March 14th RECAP: THE WRATH!!!!!


The Wrath took the night!  It was everything you’d ever want from an Inspirado showdown and even more!  Trashtalk was trashy, improv was funny and voting was so so close.  But, at the end of the night there always has to be a winner.

The Homewreckers put up a great fight, but in the end it just wasn’t enough to defeat the almighty Wrath!  The Homewreckers were up first and chose physical and received Structure- they had to use the window on The Magnet stage as anything but a window.  The Wrath chose Dumb, and received Ugly- they had to perform a set with paper bags over their heads.  Wonderful.

Next week!  Human Pyramid, an all lady team, takes on The Wrath!  Who will win?  You decide!  INSPIRADDDOOOOO!!


The Homewreckers are coming to the Inspirado stage and they aren’t messing around.  This former Circuit team has made it to the big leagues and plans to stay here.  They face the reigning Inspirado Champions, The Wrath!  Can they beat them or will The Wrath conquer yet another team?  You decide!  This thursday at 11pm! Inspiradooooooo!