Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, guys and gals, ladies and men, cats and dogs, gather round! For last night we had a team take home the big bacon! That’s right The Music Industry won the OH SHIT CHALLENGE!!!

The air was pulsing with electricity as the trash talk began. Tom Dunlap the captain of challenging team, Musical Megawatt sensation Wonderland, began by complimenting TMI for being “Almost The Wrath good.” Tom went on the talk about how TMI was a wonderful example of how if you work real hard at the Magnet you’ll eventually date someone who teaches there. Kevin Cobbs would not be deterred or distracted and ended his glorious trash talk run by pointing out that Musical improv had everything that improv had (privileged whites dicking around on stage) but with singing. He then tried to name some funny musicals but was only able to produce Nazi ridden adventure tale “The Sound of Music.”


Wonderland was up first and chose the Dumb challenge of Transaction: Every scene in your show is someone buying a pair of pants.  Wonderland then launched into a marvelous musical milieux of the dangers of Black Friday. AND DANGEROUS IT WAS! There songs and scenes spanned a young nerdy boy at Abercrombie and Fitch who had a strange (and quite uncomfortable) relationship with his mother to the highs of murder and the lows of remorse. There set even included Christopher Walken and Samuel L. Jackson starring in a chilling (and brief) anti-hope propaganda film. All in all Wonderland set was magical but would it be enough to take down the Juggernaut of…

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY who was forced to choose none other than the dreaded, the beloved, the bedazzling OH SHIT! Challenge! And it was a juicy challenge indeed! For it was Clementines: Here are 20 pounds of Clementines, you have to eat more of them in a twenty minute span that world champion eater Yasir Salem. And to make things more interesting TMI could only eat while they were in a scene while great gurgatator Yasir could just chow down on the citrusy treats. AND SO IT BEGAN! With a EMT standing by (as we legally had to have) TMI began eating with great ferver, but as the scenes wore on and the massive masses of mushy pulp settled surreptitiously on their stomaches their eating slowed significantly. There set revolved around a local Louisiana town who had their own Vienna boys choir, loved attending funerals, and was worried about the effects of “reverse scurvy.” While Yasir noshed with no need to reduce his speed, TMI had to occasionally slow their eating especially when those pesky clementines just wouldn’t stay in their stomaches. Regardless of the regurgitation, the clementines they wasted by squeezing the juice on poor Hannah Chase,  and their anger with god (Rick) for making them do this in the first place, in the end they pulled ahead of Yasir and won the eat off 54-57!!!!

So there you have it, another OH SHIT! Champion (the second for both Dennis Pacheco and Pheobe Tyers). But fear not friends! While the orange smell in the Magnet may linger for only a few weeks, INSPIRADO will return in December for a run of specialty shows called Desperado! So keep your ears to the ground and your eyes in the sky and remember you can only catch action like this Thursdays at 11pm at the Magnet Theater at the one and only INSPIRADDDDDDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!



In 4 years, the Oh Shit Challenge has been selected 6 times, and Thursday Nov. 13th will be the 7th.  The Music Industry will face off against Musical Megawatt Sweethearts Wonderland, in a all out brawl to the finish.  Haven’t been to an Inspirado OH SHIT Challenge ever in your life?  Check out some of our previous OH SHIT’s to get an idea…

What will happen?  Who can possibly for see the magical mystery that is OH SHIT?  Will The Music Industry actually be able to complete the challenge or will they be the first improv team to ever topple to the OH SHIT Challenge?  You Decide.  Thursday, Nov. 13th at 11pm.  Get there early and stay late, this is gonna be great. INSPIRADOOOOOO!





Gather round guys and gals because TMI is moving on to the holiest of holies the OH SHIT! Challenge!

Last night they leaped their last hurdle by taking on Bloomer.

The trash talk was mighty as the devil himself represented Bloomer and tried to warn the crowd away from causing the “Most boring OH SHIT! Ever.” But Kevin Cobbs of The Music Industry would hear none of it and not only reminded the crowd of the brief one year run that Bloomer had on Megawatt but also described his ideal world in which Phil Wolf was at The Magnet a lot and Branson Reese went the way of the Buffalo.

After that it was onto the challenges. Bloomer selected the dumb challenge of How Fares Zach Braff? One character in your show just woke up from a coma they have been in since 2006. It was a raucously raging rollercoaster ride of roast beef sandwhiches and jet pack cops punching people’s jaws off. We followed poor young Marissa as she awoke from her coma to the strange and terrifying world of 2020! With iPhones, British cars, and father son sleep studies. Even when the poor lass tried to reconnect with her parents they could never believe it was not a rouse no matter how detailed her description was of the big birthmark on her buttocks.

Speaking of Buttocks! The Music Industry had no choice but to choose the challenge of Stylistic: You must perform the film Forrest Gump in complete gibberish. And off they ran! We saw the heartwarming tale of Forrest Gump as he defended Jenny from her numerous attackers, met at least one confused president, and watched his friend mail a letter. We all remember that great scene in Forrest Gump where that guy mails that letter. And Forrest ran on and on without a word of English spoken (except for the word AIDS which was spoken quite a bit). And it of course ended the way Forrest Gump always ends, with Tom Hanks getting an Oscar.

Now TMI takes on the tremendous towering task of the OH SHIT! Challenge! They will go up against musical Megawatt sensation Wonderland. Will Wonderland woo the will of the crowd and stop TMI from sensationally snatching success? Or will The Music Industry finish off their fabulous feat with a fantastic finish? Find out next week only at INSPIRRRRRRRRADDDOOOOOO!!!!




The Music Industry has won 7 weeks in a row and appear unstoppable.  The only thing standing in their way now is reunited Megawatt darlings BLOOMER.

Bloomer, a powerhouse Megawatt team from the 1950’s (or so) features a stacked line up of improv stalwarts.  There’s a lot of Inspirado experience coming to the stage, including Andrew Vuillmier, Branson Reese, Will Quinn, Hannah Chase, Bianca Casusol, Alexis Lambright, Phil Wolff and Kevin Kiernan.  Holy smokes that’s a team!

Can the cuddly Bloomer take down the mighty Music Industry?  Will the Inspirado stage be able to support the weight of all the talent?  Will a random old man be a part of the show?  Find out Thursday at 11pm at Inspiiiiiiiiradoooooo!


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Woah Nelly! October 30th was quite a night at Inspirado! But when it was all said and done The Music Industry pulled off a victory that won’t soon be forgotten.

The trash talk was fierce and unyielding. Louis Kornfeld dished out a nasty backhanded compliment by applauding the Music Industry for trying so hard to make people laugh. While Kevin Cobbs fired back by calling Kornfeld and Andrews the “NPR” of the Magnet theater.

With the tensions high and blood pumping Kornfeld and Andrews faced the Stylistic challenge of Hellhouse: Your improv show is not an improv show at all! But a Fundamentalist Christian Haunted House! Kornfeld and Andrews’ lovely christian couple went on a terribly terrifying tour of terror as they encountered such classic Christian criminals as Charles Darwin, Galileo, and a dirty hippie. Even with notes from Bill O’Rielly and a few stolen kisses the couple’s only escape was the murder of two rabbis who lurked at the end of the maze.

Then it was The Music Industry’s turn to take on Artsy: Your show is an episode of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950’s horror anthology show Alfred Hitchcock Presents.The Music Industry performed the classic episode “Monstrosity” which of course featured a woman was who pregnant…WITH A BIRD BABY! The monstrosity that quickened in the womb of the woman was not the only evil that we discovered in the show. For we also saw a communist witch hunt, men eating cereal and then beating their wives (as was legal in the fifties), and of course that bird baby growing into Hillary Clinton and Pecking off the dicks of all the Bill Clinton clones.

But after all this madness The Music Industry still ran off to a close victory just as Alfred Hitchcock ran off to his hot steaming bowl of macaroni and cheese.

Now The Music Industry is only one win away from facing that formidable foe the Oh Shit Challenge. The only team that stands in their way is Bloomer! Does this reunited Megawatt team dare to dash TMI’s dreams of dating do? Or will The Music Industry continue their categorically capital charge to the championship? Find out next Thursday only at INSPIRRRRRRRRRRRADO!



It was another amazing night at Inspirado, with two fantastic sets.  After the dust and impressions had settled, it was The Music Industry trotting away with their 6th victory!

The trash talk started fierce.  Doug Widick accused “Big baby man” Sebastian Conelli of harassing him over his tight pants, while Comic Kevin Cobbs, The Music Industry Captain complimented Widick and Demuth of co-opting hip hop while being white guys in ties.

Demuth and Widick went first and selected Artsy.  Their challenge was called Old Timey: Your show tonight is a black and white film.  Demuth and Widick spun a wild tale of fighting couples, plus two carnival barkers who could guess your weight (and also read your mind).  Also, two old talkin’ Juggalos in love, finished with a fantastic Sebastian Conelli impression.

The Music Industry selected Indianapolis.  Their challenge was called Colts: The Indiapolis Colts play in the National Football League.  IN your show tonight, every character is on a horse.  TMI showed us some old cowboys (who’ve bred with horses), some cabin campers (on horses) an episode of Jeopardy on Horses (and Horse Jeopardy), Even the show was introduced on a horse.

In the end, The Music Industry prevailed once again, winning their 6th straight week.  Two weeks away from an epic Oh Shit Challenge.  Next week, Kornfeld and Andrews step into the Inspirado ring to see if they can stop them.  Who will win?!  INSPIIIIIIIRAAAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


widick demuth

The Music Industry is looking unstoppable as they head into their 6th week of Inspirado glory.  But are looks deceiving?  Enter into the fray the powerhouse duo DEMUTH & WIDICK.  The powerhouse couple are no strangers to the Magnet stage, gracing it on Megawatt and Musical Megawatt teams.  In addition, they know what it takes to take home the Inspirado gold/plant, as both are long time members of infamous hip hop improv team NORTH COAST who themselves are an Oh Shit Champion at Inspirado.

Who will win?  One of these teams.  These are the options.  UNLESS?!?!? No.  BUT WHICH ONE?!? THAT IS THE QUESTION!  FIND OUT TONIGHT AT INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOO!