June 9th Stats: JV vs. We’re Matt Weir

Oh SHIT! That was a great show! We’re Matt Weir wore Varsity letter jackets, but in the end JV’s home field advantage proved to make them an audience favorite.  Here is the round up for all you number lovers:

  All Time “How Funny was it?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.63   Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.23   Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 3.9   RealityTV

All Time “Use of Challenge”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 4.71    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.5    Farts, Farts, Farts
We’re Matt Weir 4.29    RealityTV
Junior Varsity 4.24    Touch Me

All Time “How good was the show overall?”
Team         Avg.       Challenge
JV 4.46    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 4.29    Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 4.1    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 4.05    RealityTV


All Time “Total Score”

Team         Avg.       Challenge
Junior Varsity 13.79    Groundhog Day
Featherweight 13.08   Farts, Farts, Farts
Junior Varsity 12.57    Touch Me
We’re Matt Weir 12.24    RealityTV

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