June 16th: J.V. vs. The Bear Project RECAP

The Bear Project chose a Random challenge, “Trivial Pursuit”.  At the top of each scene, Bear’s Team Captain, Chris Wade, had to answer a trivia question; if he got it right the audience loved there set, if he got it wrong, no one was allowed to laugh.  The Bear Project was unaware of the circumstances of their challenge during their set but they dealt with it very well.  They satirized the ‘laws’ of improv to an absolutely crazy house, while a scene of a legless man winning the Olympics got silence.  It was one of the harder challenges this reporter has ever seen, but Bear dealt with it with grace and poise.

Junior Varsity chose an Individual challenge, “Se7en”.  Each cast member of J.V. had to embody one of the seven deadly sins (Pride, Envy, Glutoney, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth).  Glutoney, Lust, Anger and Pride were displayed to a house who went wild for their set.  Lust requested a “sexy” suggestion from a “good looking” member of the audience, while Anger seethed at any and all words spoken that night.  Hilarity ensued as Junior Varsity claimed their 3rd straight Inspirado win.  They held the Dale North Memorial Trophy high making it known that they claimed to seize the Inspirado championship in an easy 9 weeks.  Can The Imposters stop there run on June 23rd at 11pm?  You decide.


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