June 23rd RECAP: JUNIOR VARSITY does it again!

In a night of morals and 4 year olds, Junior Varsity walked away holding The Dale North Memorial Trophy once again.  The Imposters team captain Michael McFarland started the show by keeping his trash talk very limited, “Sean Taylor is a great man and Junior Varsity is a very respectable team of gentleman.”  This earned boo’s from the audience and a hug from Sean Taylor.  Even though the captains put on a happy face these two teams came to FIGHT.  The Imposters chose an Artsy challenge and received  “The More You Know“, a challenge that forced them to teach a moral throughout their piece.  The moral was, “Do onto others, as you would have done onto you”.  They used slam books and rusty wheelchairs to portray a beautiful piece that showed in the end, those who are mean to others get screwed.

Junior Varsity chose a Dumb challenge, and man…it was on par with Air Bud: Golden Receiver.  “I Am This Many“, made J.V. play the entire piece as characters with the mental capacity of a 4 year old.  The best parts of the set was the random quality of the comedy, lines like “My daddy doesn’t live at home anymore”, won huge responses.  It’s incredibly rewarding to see grown men act like children and then wet themselves.  The lights malfunctioned 3 times during theie set, and each time they heightened the blame on Kevin Cragg’s character, “It was you!”.  In the end, it was Cragg’s character and J.V. who controlled the electricity of the night, the last line of their scene was, “Light’s go out!” and they did, for The Imposters.  Will Listen Kid! be able to take down Junior Varsity’s quest for The Dale North Memorial Trophy?  You decide, next week at INSPIRRRRADO!


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