Listen, Kid! JV’s on the chopping block, see? You Mugs!

Irv Newburgh fought in the Boer War

Irv Newburgh and Charlie Tickertape know the inside biz.

Junior Varsity‘s incredible run at Inspirado threatens to stretch into it’s 5th week.  Rising up to stop their path of improv destruction this week is young upstarts/incredibly old upstarts Listen, Kid!  Irv Newburgh (Al King) and Charlie Tickertape (Kevin Cobbs) run highly successful hollywood movie making biz Newburgh Studios.  You probably recognize them as the geniuses behind such classic films as Lobster Island 2: Claws Can Fly or Dogspies! or of course, Salt.

Listen, Kid! will attempt to work their movie-making-magic on the Inspirado crowd–will they land another blockbuster?  Or will Junior Varsity once again steal the show!?  Find out this Thursday at The Magnet Theater, 11pm, on Inspiradoooooo.


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