June 30th recap: LISTEN, j.v, there’s a new KID in town!

It was and explosive night, and after all the dust cleared, it would be Irv Newburgh and Charlie Tickertape who would be left holding The Dale North Memorial Trophy.  At the top of the show, Listen, Kid! was already taking control.  Their trash talk enabled them to win the audience’s approval which gave them momentum going into their set.  They chose a stylistic challenge and received, “Armageddon“, which required them to do a piece in the style of a Michael Bay movie.  Newburgh and Tickertape took the stage, dropping their normal routine and creating a brute action flick about aliens invading the earth by using spine shaking tremors.  It was up to the jackhammer specialist, Carl who worked with a British Colonel and a Scottish agent to save the day.  After the explosions settled, and the aliens had been destroyed it was Junior Varisty’s turn to take the stage.

On there 5th week, J.V. chose a random challenge, “Blind Line“.  They were given a bucket full of lines that they had to incorporate into their set.  Each “blind line” forced them to incorporate very obscure events into every scene.  Donkey’s, bookstore mysteries, and a duchess carried this piece through until the bucket was empty.  In the end it would be Carl, a city worker/ “secret secret army agent” and a scottish agent, (I think they called him Mcsweatnuts at one point) who would save the earth and conquer Junior Varsity.  They are the first “new” winners of Inpsirado, will that give them an advantage over next weeks competitors, Magnet’s Weekend House Team, TRIKE?  Come and find out for yourself, next Thursday at 11pm at INSPIRADO!


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