Trike Rolls into the Inspirado Ring

All of these men are in Trike

This week’s Inspirado promises to be a doozy, as Magnet Weekend Warriors (TM, Inspirado, 2011) Trike roll onto the Inspirado stage despite our lack of a government-mandated tricycle access ramp.  This formidable duo is aptly named: adorable, mobile, good with streamers, and 100% DEADLY.

But will they be a match for returning champs Listen, Kid!?  Listen, Kid! won last week’s closest-ever Inspirado match by a few measly votes.  This week, they’ve got home field advantage, and Irv Newburgh and Charlie Tickertape are looking to press on closer to being able to take home the Dale North Memorial Trophy…

Trike vs. Listen, Kid!  Only One Will Survive (TM, Inspirado, 2011) this week on Inspiradoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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