July 7th recap: Newburgh and Tickertape slash Trike’s tires.

Listen, Kid!

The contorted faces of a winner

Another Inspirado for the ages had the audience in fits, but at the end of the night, it was Irv Nerburgh and Charlie Tickertape of Listen, Kid! who stood in the middle of the stage holding the Dale North Memorial Improv Trophy for the 2nd week in a row.

The trash talking was heated, as Tickertape read off an urgent telegram where former Trike member Leslie Korein proclaimed her undying love for Listen, Kid, prompting Nick Kanellis to invite Newburgh and Co to run off and fornicate with themselves.

After the promoters separated the pugilists, Trike took the stage and selected a Dumb challenge.  Their challenge was called First Improv ShowTrike was forced to perform a set of improv as if they had never done improv before in their lives; as if they had never even seen improv.  As the lights came up, the two stood there, petrified.  What followed was a whirlwind deconstruction of performance and improvisation that made improvisers everywhere question the nature of their reality.  The set launched from re-playing scenes from Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone and The Matrix, to a crying McNerney, a full on wrestling match, a player storming out of the theater during the “group” scene, a full rendition of Ice Ice, Baby, finally settling in a heartwarming scene about the topic the audience wanted to see most: Dicks.  A family of talking dicks, vaginas, and buttholes shared a tender moment.

Not to be outdone, Listen, Kid! took the stage and selected an Artsy challenge.  The Inspirado challenge board dealt them Set Dressing.  Newburgh and Tickertape were relegated to the lobby, while the staff and audience created a full set on stage featuring a couch, ironing board, telephone, books, an audience member’s handbag and sandwich, a ladder, hammer, and beer bottles galore.  Listen, Kid took the audience through a harrowing one-act play about a family spiraling out of control, using only the objects available to them onstage.

One eaten sandwich later, Listen, Kid! was crowned Inspirado champions by the audience for the 2nd week in a row.  Next week, they face Michigan Juggernauts Great Lakes.  Don’t miss what is likely to be a battle to the death, as Irv Newburgh is at least 140 years old.


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