Nerding out with In-STAT-ado

The Inspirado Staff

One of the best things about the only improv competition in world is the Inspirado voting system.  Not only does it crown our champion each week, but it allows us to compile copious amounts of nerdy, nerdy stats.  With six weeks of Inspirado in the bag, we had our crack team of statisticians and resident geeks pour over the In-STAT-ado page.  Here’s some of their most interesting observations:

1) Junior Varsity is, like, really good

JV went on a tear, winning the first four Inspirados.  The top three overall scores?  Junior Varsity of course.  Their all around average for their first victory (“Groundhog Day”) is an incredible mark: 13.79 out of 15.  Damn, girl.  Over the course of their run, JV put up some scores that may stand test the time.  It may be a while before we see anyone break 13.5 again…

2) Want to win?  Use that challenge!

Being funny and great certainly helps, but a full 1/3 of a team’s score is based on their use of the challenge.  A clever incorporation of a challenge can help a team ride onwards to victory.  Listen, Kid! certainly knows this.  They were able to vanquish mega-titans Trike last week in large part due to an overwhleming “Use of Challenge” score: avg. 4.78, the highest of all time.  If the shows were equally good, guess what?  It’s coming down to that challenge.  Speaking of challenges…

3) Fear of the Unknown: The Indianapolis Challenge

What on earth is the Indianapolis challenge?  After 12 challenges selected, we still don’t know.  No one’s picked it.  Is this because there’s just no telling what it will be (Yet Bear Project and Junior Varsity willingly subjected themselves to the unpredictable Random challenge…)?  Is this because Indianapolis sounds like a boring city (It’s not.  It’s so exciting.)?  Is it because we, as humans, have an innate fear of the unknown (We do.)?  Who will be the first team to look fear in the face?

4) Featherweight: The Ron Hextall of Inspirado

Everyone knows about Ron Hextall, who valiently won the Conn Smyth Trophy for being the best player in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1987 despite his team losing the series (Duh, sorry, I know everyone already knows this).   Megawatt team Featherweight should be similarly vaunted: their 13.08 overall score is the 5th highest of all time, yet it came in a losing effort.  Ron Hextall was also the first NHL goalie to ever score a goal, just like Featherweight member Justin Moran was able to shoot the puck all the way down into JV’s end and score at the end of their set.

5) Everyone’s been really, really good.

Like, really good.  By the numbers, an average show would receive a score of 3, 3, and 3, for a total of 9.  No team has yet to score lower than 10.69 at Inspirado.  Why?

Inspirado Magic, that’s why.

The Inspirado Staff


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