July 14th recap: Listen Kid drains Great Lakes!

(From left to right) Charlie Tickertape, Irv Newburgh, Matlock.

It was a heated July night, with two heavy weight improv teams, but in the end it would be Listen Kid who would be left standing over Great Lakes with the highest Inspirado score ever.  The night started, as usual, with trash talk.  Great Lakes team captain Russ Armstrong was summoning the power of Michigan and The Great Lakes when Charlie Tickertape announced an urgent telegram.  Tickertape’s telegram read, “Michigan has just fallen into Lake Michigan! And more importantly, no one cares.”  This won over the non-Michigan fans in the audience but didn’t sit well with Great Lakes.

Great Lakes opened the night by choosing the first ever “Indianapolis” challenge!  They chose “Population”, which stated the current number of Indianapolionites, 830,000, and then challenged them to have between 30 and 830,000 characters in their set.  There set started out on a crowded freeway full of people getting out there cars to pee and quickly moved to an Indiana high school graduation, where Dexter Everett, Francis Guinford and Haiko Ickazuko were only a few members to grace the stage.  The rest of the piece was filled with hoop dreams of trips to Chicago, receiving operations in a 3 man bobsled and Sean Kemp making it rain.  The unofficial number of characters during there set was 173, an impressive feat no matter what state you’re from.

Listen, Kid, in there 3rd week on the Inspirado stage, chose a “Random” challenge.  They received “Third Wheel“, which allowed random improvisers to walk into their set at any point.  Their scene started in a summer home between a father and a son debating a trip to the beach.  They were about to turn on a gripping episode of Matlock when a name tag wearing Brett knocked on the door, prompting the boy to tell his father, “he’s wearing a name tag, that means he’s poor.”  Brett asked to use the bathroom, not to do number 1 or 2, but the illustrious number 3.  “What’s a number 3 Dad?” received the answer, “you do not want to know!” (we would later see that a number 3 was having your body explode from fecal congestion).  Beach girls, bathroom users and even MATLOCK (played by Al King’s own father) would later enter their scenes, and Listen Kid dealt with their entrances and exits with much grace.  They rolled over Great Lakes like a calm wave that is gaining momentum.  Is there any stop to the possible Tsunami that is Listen, Kid?  Will next week’s challengers BRICK be able to stop them!  Find out next week at 11pm at INNNSPIRADOOOOOO!!!!!


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