July 21st Recap: LISTEN KID slams into BRICK wall!


It was a hot and sweaty night on the Inspirado stage but after the humidity broke it would be Brick who would be left holding the Dale North Memorial Trophy.  The night started off with Brick’s team captain, an excited Joe Miles, coming on stage.  Then, Listen, Kid’s Charlie Tickertape interrupted to say that Listen, Kid! would have to forfeit the show because Mr. Newburgh was out of town on business.  Right then, Seymour Dollarbarge, head of a rival studio, decided to put his differences aside for one day and join forces with Charlie Tickertape to defeat Brick!  So the night began!

Brick chose an individual challenge, “Secrets, secrets are so fun…”, which entailed each player getting a secret that they had to play during a monoscene.  We were immediately given three friends sitting in a college dorm drinking beer.  Each player played their secret extremely well, we had a friend walking in and out of the scene with a dead body in a backpack, we had a crazy college student preparing for the world to end, a frightened girl standing by the door because a clown was coming.  All of these secrets played beautifully into the same world;  a drunken roommate who loved to wrestle, and then finally a battered friend who had driven over the dog while parking his car.  All of these were tightly woven into a mono-scene that was hilarious and well received by the audience.

Charlie Tickertape and Seymour Dollarbarge, Listen, Kid!, in their fourth week on the Inspirado stage, chose a physical challenge and received, “Seemless”.  They had to perform a two person mono-scene where no individual actor could play the same character for more than 2 minutes.  We saw a touching scene between Nigel and Ralph, two British working class men.  Ralph was an alcoholic who had no parents and Nigel was a well to do factory worker who served as Ralph’s mentor.  The actors morphed into each other’s characters flawlessly, finishing each other’s sentences while telling the epic story of “The Boy Who Broke The Rock”.  It was a scene with solid British characters, and a strong emotional core.  Finally, it would be Ralph who would discover that he was the special boy in the story and that he had magical powers.

But even magical powers could not save Listen, Kid!.  By the end of the night Brick had won over the audience and The Dale North Memorial Trophy.  They stood victorious and said they look forward to a long run.  Will next week’s challengers Upstate be able to stop the new champions of Inspirado?  Is Brick unstoppable?  Find out next week at 11pm at INNNSPPPIRADOOO!!!!


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