July 28th RECAP: UPSTATE goes home as BRICK lays foundation!

It was an exciting night on the Inspirado stage and at the end of it all, it would be BRICK who would be holding The Dale North Memorial Trophy for the second week in a row!  Both teams came out ready to rumble, Andrew Yurman-Glaser, captain of Upstate, had very little trash talk, “Good luck?” he said, while Amie Roe, captain of BRICK replied, “Go back to Rochester!”

Upstate went first and chose an Artsy challenge and received, Yusuf Islam.  The piece itself had to have a near death experience followed by a conversion to Islam, similar to the 63 year old folk singer formerly known as Cat Stevens.  What followed was a scene about a 300 year old Sensai slicing things off of his students heads.  The students in the Dojo were overcoming their fears, one had a problem with soiling himself, another was a hemophiliac, and another was a christian.  The Sensai stabbed the hemophiliac in the foot and this lead to his near death experience.  Then the Prophet Muhammad made a controversial appearance and pitched Islam to the hemophiliac, who accepted and learned that the pain he feels is not real.  The hemophiliac ends up beating up the christian and killing the 300 year old Sensai, who it turns out, was a Muslim as well.  It was an excellent way to honor Cat Stevens and his 63rd year of life.

BRICK, dressed in dweeby garb, chose a Nerdy challenge and received, You’re a Wizard Brick…, their challenge was to do a piece at Hogwarts.  We were given a group of students who used “all the magic” to do well on exams, receive sexual favors and stomp the Hogwarts yard.  One student, urged his girlfriend to take poly juice potion so she’d look like Mundungus Fletcher during sex, another used spells that gave people huge asses.  The piece was complete with moving pictures, ghosts, gigantic snakes and questionable british accents; J.K. Rowling would have approved.

In the end it would be BRICK and their magical powers that would stomp Upstate, sending them off the magical Inspirado stage and back to a less cultured part of New York.  They held The Dale North Memorial Trophy high in the air as they set their eyes on next week.  Will BRICK be able to magically do away with Honey?  Is Honey, a sweet sincere sugary substance, any match for the rock hard megawatt all stars BRICK?  Find out next Thursday at 11pm at INNNSPPPIIIRRRADDDDDOOOOOOOO(hhhhh SHIT)!


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