Honey: A Sweet Food Made By Bees!

This week the Inspirado stage is getting a sweet sweet surprise! Honey (not the jessica alba movie) is flying in to give  the current Inspirado champions a run for their money.  Honey has had a long history of human enjoyment and is traditionally known for the AMAZING flavor they bring to any and every situation.  Honey is Woody Fu, Bianca Casusol, David Rynn, Shaun Farrugia and David Adams; they have a lengthy shelf life and plan to stick around for a long time.

Will BRICK be able to break the hive?  In their third week, will they drain the honey jar or get stuck in their tracks?  Fresh honey is a supersaturated liquid, is live Honey a supersaturated team? BOOM! Find out exactly what that means this Thursday at 11pm, when HONEY takes on BRICK at INSPIRADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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