RECAP: HONEY Hardens As BRICK Prepares For Week 4!

Kevin's Dream

It was a SOLD OUT night at INSPIRADO, and the audience was in for one of the most PROMISING shows yet!  Peter McNerney put it perfectly, “we’re here to see improv…we’re here to get INSPPIRADDOOOO’D!”  Shaun Farrugia, team captain for Honey, started the trash talk by taking a swing at Rick Andrews.  Brick responded by saying, “Honey…it’s more like VINEGAR!”  Brick chose to recover from this statement and go second.  SHOW TIME!

Honey chose an individual challenge and received Talk To Me,  only one person in each scene could speak.  From here we got a scene about a cobra taunting his master,  jesus come off his cross to discipline a sinner, a man talking to his dead roommate.  Honey did a great job at incorporating the challenge, after a few scenes they really understood how to work the game.  A perfect example of this was a traveler visiting Bangladesh, only to have a family of locals steal his Fritos and all of his worldly possessions. Another jem was three men fishing at a Detroit Aquarium, “it’s like no other city in the world!”  It was a sweet note to end on, but it wouldn’t be enough to overcome the juggernaut that is BRICK.

For their third week on the Inspirado stage, Brick chose a dumb challenge and received K9 Cop Dream; their scene needed to take place inside the head of a sleeping police dog named Kevin.  Kevin’s dream started with topless Poodles cookin’ burgers  and slowly taking their Poodle booty shorts off.  Then it quickly jumped to Kevin guiding a blind police officer to solve a crime.  They arrested a drug dealer, and then Kevin drove to the ‘bacon jail’, fighting the urge to stop at the gravy rest stop.  We then saw Kevin at a dog food photo shoot with K9 Kardashian, which led to him sweeping the Academy Awards.  Everyone was ready for his Academy Award acceptance speech when Dalmation Day Lewis demanded a recount!  Kevin was a noble, honest dog with good morals.  He lived a good life and had great dreams with no consequences. Kevin’s dream ended with his creators giving him something sweet, a very large spoonful of Honey.

Honey put up a good fight, but in the end it would be the K9 Police Dog who would be napping once again on the Inspirado stage.
Brick held the Dale North Memorial Trophy for the third week in a row!  Will it be enough to defeat the all female powerhouse Patina?  Is it just a coincidence that Patina sounds a lot like Purina?  Will Patina be the end of Brick‘s 4 week run?  Find out next week at 11pm at INNSPIRADOOOO!!!!


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