Aug. 11 RECAP: PATINA topples as BRICK prepares for DUNK!

Getting Younger Everyday

It was a night full of jocks and old people, but at the end of it all, BRICK would be victorious for the 4th week in a row.  Patina team captain Kim Ferguson, started it all off with some good ole’ fashion trash talk, “It’s time for Brick to LOSE”.   Brick team captain Tim Eberle replied by saying that Patina sounded like something from the middle ages, “go home!”  Dale North, lover of the middle ages, would have been proud.

Patina, a team made up of ladies from megawatt teams, chose an individual challenge and received Ladies and Gentleman; in this piece, every player needed to play the opposite gender.  Patina attacked the stage with scenes about men’s suspenders, golfing with Barack Obama (BO) and Sesame Street fetishes.  Their men were believable and sensitive.  In a scene about lovers purchasing drapes made of $100 bills, Megan held her legally blind lover and you could almost imagine her saying, “everything will be okay when we can block out the light with money”.  The piece was also filled with entertaining concepts. At one point, in health class, the human reproduction system was explained as being, “filled with knives”.  Seaman is filled with knives and women’s stomach’s are filled with knives, knives help baby boys get stronger.  With all of this knife talk, it seemed Patina was ready to fight, and moments later, Brick came out swinging!

Brick chose a physical challenge and received Benjamin Button; every character introduced needed to be younger than the last.  The piece started in an old home, with an “87, 86 and 85” year old having a “word off”.  Whomever won the word off would be “champion of the rec room”.  The next scene was a 20 something girl talking to her grandfather (most thought they went too young too early, but it played out in their advantage).  From here the piece quickly got younger.  We saw best friends inviting younger girls, whom they would violate, to the dance, siblings talking about sex, twins in the uterus getting ready for birth and then finally, seaman preparing for a race to the egg.  None of these seaman had knives and they didn’t need them to secure a victory.

Brick stood with The Dale North Memorial Trophy for the fourth week in a row, as Patina, still in guy mode, gave fist and chest bumps.  Is Brick unstoppable?  Next week, when Magawatt superstars Dunk come to town, will Brick faulter?  Is this the last week the Brick holds The Dale North Memorial Trophy high in the air and chortles like a rich southern person?  Find out next week at 11pm at INNNSPPPIRADDDOOOOO!


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