DUNK prepares to take on Brick + ARMANDO!

In what could be a double dip recession, there’s not much to look forward too.  Stocks are down, unemployment is high and a weekend trip to Europe is “absurd” according to my mother.  But on Thursday Aug. 18th at 11pm, everything is going to change.  Megawatt legend’s Dunk will come to the Inspirado stage to give Brick a run for their money.  Watch here as they enjoy a scene in a Dallas Barbeque.

They’re skilled, easy going and quick! Is that enough to beat 5 time reigning Inspirado champions BRICK?  This week Brick only has 2 players (Jamal Sedayo, Tim Eberhle), and it turns out they’re going to use their one sub and call upon ARMANDO DIAZ!  Not even the improv gods could have put this match together.  Dale North himself had a dream about it, but never thought it’d happen.  Dunk will face a 2 man Brick plus ARMANDO DIAZ!  WHAT!? How?! Who will win?  Will Inspirado even exist after this, or will this fierce show destroy the stage?  There’s only one way to find out. Thursday.  11pm.  Inspirado.  It’s time for the economy to go BOOOOMMM!!!!!


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