Thursday August 25th marks the 197th anniversary of the British storming Washington D.C. The War of 1812 was not a pretty one, it was dirty and ruthless, but in the end the winner prevailed…America.  Chet Watkins has likened themselves to America this week as they prepare for what wil be “the greatest improv showdown EVER.”  Chet Watkins is made up of Chris Camp, Kelly Kreye, Christian Paluck, Lizzie Redner, Jana Schmieding, and Laura Grey.  Their absurdly grounded style of play will be a great challenge for the current Inspirado champions BRICK.

Is this an improv match made in heaven?

With the help of Armando Diaz last week, Brick was able to defeat Dunk; but without Armando, will they have what it takes to conquer Chet Watkins??!!  Whatever the outcome, this promises to be one hell of a battle.  Thursday night at 11pm...INSPIRADDDOOOOOO!!!


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