The Kicks Run Into (OH) SHIT!

OH SHIT! The Kicks, a Megawatt team, are coming to town this week!  And just in time for, what could be, the greatest Inspirado show of all time.  The Kicks welcome the challenging opportunity, claiming that it is still the last chance to kill off (8 time INSPIRADO champions) BRICK.  They are “jacked up” to compete in this historic show and plan on using their wit and good looks to conquer The Dale North Memorial Trophy.  The Kicks are Dan Benjamin, Maryanne Farrell, David Gonyo, James Heslop, Joel Jones, Don Romaniello, and Andrew Yurman-Glaser.

OH SHIT! Will these Megawatt teams duke it out (raw dog style) for The Dale North Memorial Trophy?  Will BRICK be able to complete the OH SHIT! Challenge?  What IS the OH SHIT! challenge?!?!?!  There is only one way to find out.  THURSDAY. 11pm.  OH SHIT! INSPIRADO.

(Make sure you get to this show early.  It will sell out.  More information here.)


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