Sept 15th Re-cap: BRICK Wins OH SHIT! With Gay Marriage!


A call from Dale North, a classically trained musician and a Gay Marriage! OH SHIT!
The almighty challenge rained down on a sold out Inspirado audience Thursday night, and BRICK showed up to meet it.

The victory didn’t come easy, as Megawatt Masters The Kicks showed up to play.  The Kicks kicked off the show by choosing a “Random” challenge entitled, “Cell Phone.”  Each member had to grab their cell phone and put the ring on.  Various members of the audience were then armed with the players cell phone numbers.  The players then recieved texts throughout the show, and they had to do whatever the texts said.  There were mysterious commands to kiss, give speeches, yell, interrupt scenes, fall in love, and a fantastically accurate Armando Diaz-inspired note giving session.  We bore witness to the adventures of “Time Traveling Water Man”, an amorphous super hero who could wriggle himself around awkwardly through time and space.

After the extremely impressive set from The Kicks, Brick made history by accepting the first “Oh Shit!” Challenge, a challenge that no team can accept unless they’ve completed all other 8 categories of Challenge.  Brick received Wedding Crashers.  In the theater there was a Justice of the Peace, who by the end of the show, had to legally marry two people. Over the past few months, Brick has developed a serious relationship with their audience and Thursday night they took it to the next level.

Brick began amongst themselves, trying to figure out if any amongst them was willing to take the plunge.  Various members of Brick turned out to be already married, getting married soon, or having sworn up and down to their significant others to never marry in The Magnet.  After turning to the audience, two volunteers appeared who seemed willing to give it a shot.  Kyle Levenick, and Rachel Werbel, who had never before met, agreed somewhat hesitantly to say lovingly, “Why not?”  Compatibility tests were given, wedding gowns and streamers of quickly found toilet paper were made, and wedding music provided by guitarist Ross Taylor helped make it a magical moment as Rachel Werbel strolled down the aisle with surrogate father Joe Miles.

The JoP asked if anyone had any reason that the two should not be wed, Brick member Jamaal Sedayao stepped in to save a nervous and nearly cold-footed Werbel by declaring, “New York can gay marry, right?!”

Brick and the audience took it from the top, both Jamaal and Kyle dropped their pants, said “I do,” and sealed it with a blackout kiss.  A wedding night at Inspirado, one that will, hopefully last forever…or at least until next week, as with their victory Brick was crowned the first ever champions of Inspirado.

Ceremony footage!  Shot by Woody Fu!


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