PREVIEW: Phooka takes on Ransom Family in Megawatt SHOWDOWN!

After the dust cleared, there was only one thing left standing…The Dale North Memorial Improv Trophy.  This week, Inspirado invites scrappy Megawatt allstars Phooka, to take on the overly confident well dressed Ransom Family in what Dale North calls, ‘The biggest thing since the birth of my neighbors son!”  Phooka is a team of highly spiritual creatures who reside at the Magnet Theater.  They are known for  “a rich mix of long and short scenes, slow and fast moves that leave audiences scared and satisfied” (you’ll be the judge of that).  Phooka is Jon Bander, Angela DeManti, David Etkin, Maddy Mako, Matt Shafeek, Emily Shapiro and Steven Slate.

Ransom Family is a bunch of “weirdo’s who create a colorful improvised world” (kinda sounds intensely trippy).  Ransom Family is Kim Ferguson, Lulu French, Federico Garduño, Michael Kroll, Lauren Ashley Smith and Matt J. Weir.

Who will be the next champion of The Dale North Memorial Improv Trophy?  Will Phooka fight til the death?  Will Ransom Family use their unique imagination to win over the audience?  You be the judge!  This thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


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