Sept 22nd Re-cap: PHOOKA Holds RANSOM FAMILY Hostage!

Phooka Post-Win Glow

Phooka, the first winner of the Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes!

It was a night of firsts, new beginnings, silences and twister sex at the always wild INSPIRADOOOOO.  With Brick managing to take home the Dale North Memorial Improv Trophy for good last week, last night’s Inspirado saw the debut of the newest prize for The Only Improv Competition in the World: The Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes.  Dale left his precious porceleins to help create priceless improv memories, and the two teams duked it out fearlessly to be the ones to take the Porcelien Beaute (TM Pending) home.

And a night it was!  Ransom Family and Phooka brought their electric Megawatt fireceness to the Inspirado stage, with Ransom Family drawing a big reaction in the smack talk for straight out calling Phooka poor.  Snap!

After Phooka won and kept the coin toss (to buy sustenance with), Ransom Family took the stage and selected an Individual Challenge.  They drew Baby in the Corner, which challenged them to do a show in which one character/player was in every single scene, yet never spoke a single word.  The vocally hampered Michael Kroll gladly stepped into this role and Ransom Family wove an intoxicating tale of hot air balloon birthdays and vampire breakups, with an infuriating doctor’s visit to boot.  All the while, Michael Kroll stayed silent while the audience made the noise–specifically, laughing noises.

Phooka countered by selecting a Physical Challenge called Human Knot, wherein every scene within their show had to begin with the entire cast entangled in a human knot.  We saw hiking trips gone wrong, many many references to the film Devil (“Get this–one of them’s The Devil”), and of course, a twister orgy complete with realistic intercourse.

In the end, it was Phooka’s physical feat that one the crowd over, proclaiming their desire to human knot with them by voting Phooka victorious.  Next week they do battle against the mighty indie time traveler’s Swartzlander.  Will Phooka’s intimacy caress them to another victory?  Will Swartzlander’s Kyle Levanick bring his husband to the show?  Find out next week at INSPIRADDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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