Sept 29th Recap: Phooka Spit-Takes; Swartzlander Wins!


It was a wet night on the Inspirado stage, but after all of the spittle and water was mopped up, it would be Swartzlander who would be left to (dry off and) hold up the The Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes.  The trash talk was kept to a minimum, which was probably for the best, the audience was in for a show that they would not soon forget!

Swartzlander went first and chose and Artsy challenge and received “Last Lecture”; they had to perform their last improv piece ever, because in the morning they would be gone.  The piece started with a very somber Joe Miles, wimpering as he asked for a suggestion of “something off of a bucket list”.  This took them to a hotel in Iceland, where they hung out in their room, in the lobby and in the spa (which also had a kitchen in it).  The real show took place backstage, when the actors would break out of their characters and realize the levity of the situation.  Joe Miles used his actual cell phone to place a real call to his mother and told her she loved her, “okaaayyyy….” she responded, as the audience went crazy.  At the end of the piece the actors left us with this, “go out and fail” and “just laugh”.  They rode off on a horse as we all bid them farewell.

Phooka, the returning champions, chose a Dumb challenge and recieved “PFFFT–WHAT!”.  They were all given a bottle of water and they needed to have at least one spit take in every scene.  Bander stepped out and asked for a suggestion and immediately spit water all over the front row (who were all given ponchos).  Out of this came a scenes about ballet, office rivalries and western showdowns.  The spit takes started off slow, they’d set each other up and spray, then it went to the next level.  Bander purchased 10 bottles of water and declared war on his fellow improvisors.  They did behind the back spit takes, face to face spit takes, and then finally audience spit takes.  Standing in the middle of the audience Bander proclaimed, “Do you know this person!?”  Followed by an enormous spit take.  By the end of the show everyone was wet, and dying of laughter.  It may have cost Phooka some votes, but it was a genius execution of a very very dumb challenge.

After all the mopping and paper toweling, it was clear that Swartzlander would live to see another improv show.  Next week they take on the Magnet Theater legends, Hello Laser.  Will Swartzlander be able to conquer Hello Laser?  Will Hello Laser do their entire set in spanish?  Who knows?  You?  If not- be there, next Thursday at 11pm at INNNPPPPPIIIRRADDDOOOOO!!!


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