It was a night of destruction (beer all over the stage, flips into the audience, the wall nearly ripped down) but in the end it would be Swartzlander who would say farewell to Hello Laser.  The night started off unlike any other Inspirado match, the team captains shared a shot of whiskey.  Classy, yes…but only a pre-curser for the mayham that was about to take place.

Hello Laser went first and quickly chose the Oh Shit challenge.  When they were told they can’t pick that challenge, they chose the Indianapolis challenge instead, which was American Legion.  Indianapolis is home to the American Legion, the largest war verteran association; their challenge was to have every scene in their show take place in a different war.  Hello Laser started out by taking a lot of shots (of whiskey) at one another.  They shot futuristic laser beams purchased from Future Fidel Castro, they shot muskets and machine guns.  The piece went through The Robot/Human War, The War of the America’s, The War Against The Past and The Matrix War.  Each scene was entertaining and absurd (they frequently returned to their shots of whiskey, and when that was gone, they stole alcohol from the audience).  After the gun powder cleared, Hello Laser drank and drank until their was beer all over the stage and the audience was completely hysterical.  It was a Herculean effort from a team who drank over 50 ounces of alcohol.

Swartzlander, the returning Inspirado champions, confidently chose a Physical challenge and received Planet Of The Apes.  Every person in the piece needed to be a monkey on the planet of the apes.  The piece started on a giant floating barge, with a monkey bartender and a monkey girl flirting.  The bartender climbed across the room (almost tearing down the wall) and landed effortlessly.  The rest of the piece consisted of monkey hand jobs, monkey fisting and a monkey foray into the audience.  In the end it would be their primitive instincts that would carry through, and in the end, The Dale North Memorial Tchotchkes would be one more thing that these monkey’s would conquer.

After a night of spilled beer, and broken sheetrock ($250 to fix?), Swartzlander would be victorious again!  Is this the beginning of a Swartzlander takeover?  Can they be stopped?  Will Chairman Golem be able to slow down their momentum?  Or will Swartzlander say bye bye to them as well?  Find out.  Thursday.  11pm.  INSPIRADDDOOOOO!!!!!!!


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