Oct. 13 Re-cap: Chairman Golem sings their way past Swartzlander! Twist!

Chairman Golem with the Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes

Chairman Golem with the Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes

On a rainy Thursday October night, it was a song about sleep demons and lost scenes from Tatooine that warmed the hearts of the Inspirado crowd.  When the final notes were played and the Millenium Falcon was powered up, it would be newcomers Chairman Golem clutching the  precious Dale North Memorial Improv Tchotchkes.

Chairman Golem, Inspirado’s first ever musical improv contestant, took the stage first and chose Style.  They received The Happening: “Your show is in the style of an M. Night Shyamalan film.”  Chairman Golem unfolded a musical tale involving a sleeping boy and the monster that terrorized his dreams, his mother (an aspiring Kathy cartoonist) and father/Ferrari homosexual (?).  Songs and twists abounded; not all was what it seemed, and M. Night Shyamalan himself let the audience pick the final twist, to the audience’s delight.  Turns out, barely any of it was real.  TWIST!

Not to be outdone, Swartzlander took the stage and selected a Nerdy challenge, and received There is No Try: “All of your scenes must take place within the Star Wars universe.”  Swartzlander told the tale of Luke, Leah, Han, Chewie and the gang stuck on Tatooine waiting for a power uplink from all around coolest dude in the universe, Lando Calrissian.  The show was complete with romance, action, Robot and Wookie sex, and dvd commentary from George Lucas himself, despite only half of Swartzlander having even seen Star Wars.  Even Jar Jar Binks showed up, making everyone angry.

In the end, Chairman Golem broke through the battle to take the Dale North Tchotchkes by a slim margin.  They’ll return next week to face off against powerhouse late night denizens Friday Night Sh*w.

Will Chairman Golem’s Musical ways continue to woo the Inspirado audience?  Or will Friday Night Sh*w lay the smack down?  Find out next week on INSPIRAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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