INSPIRADO wants to take a moment to thank our very faithful and loyal fans.  This month we present a profile of an audience legend, Nicholas Feitel.  Since it’s incarnation in June, Feitel has been one of the most frequent faces at Inspirado.  An improviser, writer and comedy lover, Feitel loves musical improv, Antonio Banderas and the magical powers of Spider-Man.  We sat down with this Inspirado Legend to find out why he loves the show.

Have you ever missed an Inspirado show? 
Never missed one. Have come close a couple times, but always grab a cab realizing I’d just rather be there. It’s just too much fun, almost always. Such good teams and challenges. It’s never been “well, I’m not excited about either of these teams” and when it came close, it was a chance for me to discover a great new team or player.

What is your favorite Inspirado category?
I guess it would have to be stylistic.  I like the challenges that make people stretch their limits through different modes of play. I still think the best Inspirado set I’ve seen was Listen, Kid doing that mono-scene with real props from people with that callback to Yeats. They don’t do a mono-scene like that usually, but seeing them find each other’s characters like that and play that reality was very rewarding.

How has Dale North (legend, man, father) touched your life?  I’m still not sure if he’s made up or not. Is he like Santa?

How did you hear about The Magnet Theater? I was taking classes at UCB which I ended up at for various reasons after NYU-Film, not knowing what I was doing with my life being principle amongst them. Along the way, I kept on hearing Armando’s name sort of whispered. When I had a break between levels 2 and 3 over there, I decided to look up this Armando guy and saw he was teaching a sketch writing class. I decided to take it and, incidentally, when I was taking that class they were signing up students for the free coaching class available to students. It was in that free class that I really learned to love the Magnet. I just realized the work I was doing here felt so much better and was funnier, just because people supported and loved each other. There’s something about Armando that brings it out in people. I’ve heard Louis Kornfeld says something similar.

You can see Feitel at The Armando Diaz Expierence this Thursday at 7:30, and at INSPIRADO every Thursday at 11pm.


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