Oct. 27th RE-CAP: FRIDAY NIGHT SH*W Strips Down, Beats The Washingtons!

Friday Night Sh*w sponsored by Duane Reade

It was a spooky and scary night on the Inspirado stage, and after the mist cleared it would be The Friday Night Sh*w (sponsored by Duane Reade) who would be standing with The Dale North Memorial Improv Chachkies.

The night started with The Washingtons choosing a physical challenge, they received Frankenstein; every scene needed to have one stitched together re-animated corpse.  They opened their set in a nurses office.  The nurse was doing routine checks on students for lice.  Some students had “colonies” and some were completely clean.  We saw teachers looking for “routine check ups” and assistant principals who loved Toy Story.  By the end of their set, they had played multiple characters, explored the life of a highschool nurse and found one serious case of lice.

The Friday Night Sh*w chose a dumb challenge, and received Costume; by the end of their set, they needed to be wearing different costumes- meaning- they had to have completely different clothes on.  The set started with a JC Penny Santa Clause making fun of his elf, and went to a pretentious Yacht Club meeting and then to a shrine of Ozzy Ozborne.  By the end of the show, they all had different clothes on. Some were even shirtless and pant-less (sponsored by Duane Reade?).  It was a perfect end to a Halloween Ho-Down for the ages.

The Friday Night Sh*w, on their second win in a row, have next week off in order to prepare for their musical competitor on Nov. 10th.  Next week, for the New York Musical Improv Festival, we will have all 4 musical megawatt teams competing.  The winner will move on to the Nov. 10th show and battle The Friday Night Sh*w.   Will next weeks NEW YORK MUSICAL IMPROV INSPIRADO  blow your mind?  YES. YES. YES.

See you next week at 11pm, for the only musical improv in the world!  INSPIRADDDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


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