The founder of Musical Improv: Gale South

It’s here.  Finally.  The New York Musical Improv Inspirado Festival.  We have been waiting all year for these challenge charged musical riffs.  Not only will this show be epic, it will feature all four Magnet Musical teams: Bees, Rosencrantz, Aquarius and Mint Condition.  Here is the rundown on each team!

Bees:  Don’t try to steal their honey, they’ll f*ckin’ kill you!  Featuring: Jamie Cummings, Eliana Lane, Michael Lutton, Justin Moran, Desiree Nash, Steve Whyte, and Catherin Wing.

Rosencrantz:  Sweet to the senses, hard to the touch. Featuring: Chris Simpson, Jordan Hirsch, Ariana Murphy, Chano Garcia, Shaun Farrugia, Lorraine Cink,  Joel Arandia, Robin Rothman.

Aquarius:  The almighty god of the zest! Featuring: Laura Dug, Jon Bander, Joe Hendel, Julie Katz, Ruby Marez, Ross Taylor, Mike Murnane, Oscar Montoya.

Mint Condition: A fresh new look on Musical Improv, with a little bit of spice.  Featuring: Ryan Dunkin, Andre Fafoutakis, Dreagn Foltz, M. Woody Fu, Melissa Gordon, Sarah Puls, Jen Sanders, and Drew Tarvin.

All four teams, in one show!  Who will win?  You will be voting on which Musical Megawatt Team advances to the next week and takes on the almighty Friday Night Sh*w!   This Thursday.  11pm.  INSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOO!


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