Nov. 3rd Re-Cap: Soap Opera’s Are Back! Aquarius WINS!

AQUARIUS! Or The Cast of "As The World Turns During The Days Of Our Lives"

The Great Musical Megawatt Throwdown of 2011 will go down in the history books as the best musical improv competition of all time.  4 teams, Aquarius, Beeees!, Mint Condition, and Rosencrantz all threw down hilarious improvised musical sets.  The night started with some musical trash talk followed by some of the best musical Inpirado sets of all time.

Aquarius went first and chose a Stylistic challenge and received Days of our WorldTurns; they had to do a piece in the style of a soap opera.  They opened with a song about a sex diagnoses, that followed with a dramatic piece about people having babies, spanish people singing songs and doctors sleeping with their patients.  ABC really missed out on this one.

BEEEES! was second and chose a Dumb challenge and received Chopsticks.  The talented Frank Spitznagel stepped away from the piano, and only people who had no formal piano training would be allowed to play the piano.  What followed was a trippy set about a coke problem on a children’s show.  The music was oddly appropriate for Margaret’s voyage into her mind to visit her dead coke riddled friends.  The piece ended with a simple message, “Do Coke Kids…Do Coke”.

Mint Condition came next with a Physical challenge and received STOMP; they were given brooms, trash cans and other office supplies and had to perform an improvised Stomp.  They opened with a piece about oppression on Stomp Street.  Officer Jenkin’s didn’t want “stomp music”, but the stompers rebelled, rapping about what Stomp Street means to them.  After confronting Mayor Slink, the “99%” of Stomp Street were satisfied with their struggle.  It’s not about jobs, big business or unemployment on Stomp Street…it’s about stomping!  Hard.

Rosencrantz ended the night with a Random challenge and chose Lip-sinking.  They could speak and act during their scene, but could not sing for themselves.  What happened next were songs about fish sticks, Perfumania and marathon running.  Men sang for women, and women sang for men and at the end of the night Rosencrantz had mastered the art of lip-sinking.

It was a beautiful night, but when all was said and done, it would be Aquarius who was holding The Dale North Memorial Musical Improv Guitar Picks high in the air.  Will they use their newly found Soap Opera skills to take down the current Inspirado champions The Friday Night Sh*w?  Or will The Friday Night Sh*w, after their bye-week, be so well rested that they perform some musical improv of their own?  There is only one way to find out.  Thursday.  11pm.  Be there for what will be a zesty and sensual INNNSSSPPPIIIRRRRADDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!


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