Preview: Friday Night Sh*w and Aquarius go toe to toe!

Aquarius is the one with the shoulder length hair

For the first time in Inspirado HISTORY (ry-ry-ry-ry-ry-echo-echo-echo) two winning teams coming off Inspirado victories will enter the Arena.  Fresh from their defeat of The Washington’s, Friday Night Sh*w returns to try to win their 3rd match.  They’ve become objects and traded clothes and have made perfectly clear they’ll do anything short of capital crimes to win.

They face an uphill battle against Musical Megawatt Denizens Aquarius who took down THREE other Musical improv ensembles in last week’s enthralling Musical Megawatt Throwdown to return for a second week.  Aquarius is battle tested and ready to roll; they’ll be busting out the keyboard and singing to the 9’s, hoping to woo the audience.

Both of these teams have stunned.  But who will stun the stunniest?  Find out this week at INSPIRADOOOOOOOO-O-O-O-ECHO-ECHO-ECHO.


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