Nov. 10 Re-cap: In Close Match, Aussie Helps Friday Night Sh*w Win!

Australia And Friday Night Join Forces!

It was an international night at Inspirado.  Aquarius returned, hot off their win at The New York Musical Improv Inspirado, to come face to face with the one and only Friday Night Sh*w.  The trash talk was fierce.  Aquarius team captain, Jon Bander, kept it quick, “We like the Friday Night Sh*w, that’s why we’re going to get them back to performing only on Friday night”.  The Friday Night Sh*w didn’t seem fazed and retreated to their corner to enjoy some delicious snacks provided by Duane Reade (corporate sponsor).  Here we go!

Aquarius went first and chose an Artsy challenge and received Le Opera.  They had to perform an Italian opera entitled “IL Mondo Della Luna”.  Their entire piece was sung and what followed was an electrifying set about a romance with the moon.  We saw an Italian family dealing with love qualms.  Songs about how “ass’s beating strongly in hearts” and how bedroom noises can save a marriage.  There was a lovely duet between the moon and the “gnocchi cooking” sun.   The family gardener even got to accomplish his dream of going to the moon.  It was a beautiful piece that should be playing at The Metropolitan Opera House very soon.

The Friday Night Sh*w took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Novice.  A person who has never done improv was chosen from the audience (Ellen Mahoney) and they needed to take care of her while including her in every scene.  Get ready for Ellen-pallooza!  We were immediately hit with a scene about Ellen hiding the peanuts, which was followed by fight over who loves Ellen more.  A group scene that involved suicidal waiters constantly trying to impress Ellen was a highlight of the night.  Ellen learned the game of each scene and quickly jumped on board.  In the end, it would be this Australian goddess who would help The Friday Night Sh*w hold The Dale North Memorial Tchotchkes again…too bad Dale North couldn’t he there in person, he loves Australians.

Another fiery night in the Inspirado history books!  The Friday Night Sh*w, after their third consecutive win is becoming a bit of a Goliath.  Can next week’s indie challengers Scorseby stop this Juggernaut?  Or will The Friday Night Sh*w continue to command and conquer the Inspirado stage?  Find out next week at 11pm.  At INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOOO!!!!!!!!


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