Preview: Scoresby looks to settle the Scoresby with Friday Night Sh*w

Everyone's reaction to the pun in the title; or, Friday Night Sh*w come Friday?

The Friday Night Sh*w has marched through three Inspirado challengers, two of them musical, and emerged unscathed.  All that looks to change this Thursday at 11pm as Indie Juggernauts Scoresby enter the Inspirado arena for the first time.

Scoresby‘s powerhouse blend of transformation and silliness has been earning rave reviews in The Rundown, over at the Triple Crown Stables, and at venues across town.  Featuring members of Lead McEnroe, Turboner Bigote, and The Cascade, Scoresby knows how to get it done.  Members tony Da Costa, Evan Barden, Jenny Dunne, Dan Scivoletti, and Brian Lisi demand blood.

Not enough drama for you?  Longtime Scoresby coach Nick Kanellis is a member of Friday Night Sh*w.  Twist!  Will Scoresby rise up and bite the hand that teaches?  Will Friday Night Sh*w be able to vanquish a for who is not singing?  Who will be eating Thanksgiving Turkey with the satisfying full feeling of being a victor?!  Find out this week at INSPIIIIIRADDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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