Nov. 17th Re-Cap: Friday Night Sh*w keep the Memento!

The Friday Night Sh*w has this...condition.

It was a night to be thankful for at last night’s Inspirado.  Indie Darlings Scoresby rejected all corporate sponsorship an entered the Inspirado ring to do battle with Duane Reade Sponsored returning champions The Friday Night Sh*w.  There can only be one!

Scoresby kicked things off by selecting an Artsy challenge.  They received Thanksgiving — 1621:  “Your show must take us to the first Thanksgiving”.  Scoresby dove right in, showing us a group of turkey’s who talked their way out of slaughter by having beautiful singing voices; the Native Americans whose clothes had been stolen by the wind goddess and who decided to call maize ‘corn’ so as to not confuse the white man.  In the end, some of the “Windvitations” had the wrong addess on it and the Indians were left pondering what a door was, with Scoresby leaving the crowd in stitches.

Friday Night Sh*w then selected a Nerdy challenge that host Peter McNerney proclaimed to be, “possibly the hardest challenge we’ve ever had.”  They selected Memento: “Your show follows the structure of the film Memento.  Each scene must end where the previous scene began, working backwards in time.”  After a mini demonstration, many questions and answers, Friday Night Sh*w dove in to an ever-unfolding tale of a Birthday Cowboy knifed in an abandoned warehouse for stealing a memento box from the party a driver with flat rates of $15 to anywhere.  We learned more about a world crisis in Libya, diplomats having a night on the town, and the soon-to-be-dead protagonist passing along a cadbury egg to his girlfriend with the caution, “Don’t open it”.  The Cadbury egg later, it turns out, contained the Libyan “keycodes”.  Like the film Memento, it made complete sense, but is kinda impossible to explain afterward.  Friday Night Sh*w member Russ Armstrong even filled up his water bottle as the story unfolded, backwards.

In the end, it was Friday Night Sh*w‘s narrative wizardry that won over the crown, and won them their 4th week at Inspirado.

Next week, Inspirados everyone will be enjoying their Thanksgiving.  But soon after that, it will be December, which will be a very special month for Inspirado.  Stay tuned for the exciting announcments.  Announcements concerning what?  Concerning INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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