De-spirado, Dec 8th: Level 1 Students vs. THE OWNERS

Ed Herbstman with his trademark Spear and Shield

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

The Owners of the Magnet Theater have long reigned tyranny over the good people of Magnetonia, with their endless 3-line scene drills, dreaded laugh taxes, and mimed public square whippings.  The cruelty of Armando Diaz, Ed Herbstman, and Alex Marino has known no bounds, at least according to the narrative of this show*

No longer!  A brave band of 5 Level One upstarts dares to challenge the iron fisted rule of the Owners.  Michael Burton, Allison Dembek, Peter Collins, Ryan Stadler, and Nicole Hjelt have all taken a Magnet Theater Level One improv class in the past 6 months, and they bear the hopes and dreams of all of Middle Earth Magnet Earth Magnet on their Improv backs.

They battle for hopes, for dreams, for bragging rights, and for The Deed of The Magnet Theater!**

David vs. Goliath.  USA 4, USSR 3.  Selena Gomez vs. Mike Tyson.  All pale in comparison.

Will the Magnet Theater be freed from bondage?  Or will 135 years of collective improv experience quash the uprising.  Find out Thursday, December 8th at 11pm at De-spppppppiiiiirrrrrrrraaaaaaadoooooooooooooo.

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: ??????????????

Dec 29th: ??????????????

*which seems to be a weird mix of Lord of the Rings, American Revolution, and 1980 US Olympics hockey.  They’re actually pretty nice and not at all scary, except for Ed, who is a monster.

**We’re gonna make a big poster-board deed.


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