De-spirado, Dec. 15th: Inspirado Champions Throwdown 2011

A repilica of Uncle Stanley's Cup

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

De-Spirado is our chance to celebrate the year that was in Inspirado.  On December 15th at 11pm, we’ll celebrate it in the best way possible: a good ole fashion Champions Throwdown.  What’s a Throwdown?  A Throwdown is a 4 team, winner-winner-take-all Inspirado Cage Match.  It’s the best.  If you were at the 2011 Musical Megawatt Throwdown, you know.

Into the Inspirado ring, we’ll be inviting the four teams that one the most weeks of Inspirado this year.  Those teams are:  Brick (9 weeks), Junior Varsity (4 weeks), Friday Night Sh*w (4 weeks), and Listen, Kid! (3 weeks).  Goodness gracious, great things on fire that is a heck of a line-up.

There’s too many story lines to count…will anyone bring down the unbeatable Brick?  Will Junior Varsity enact revenge upon Listen, Kid!?  Will the Friday Night Sh*w remain red hot?  This will be the Inspirado shows to end all Inspirado shows (for 2011, at least).  The 4 winningest teams swinging it out with the best challenges.

The winner will take home a piece of History.  Dale North’s Uncle Stanley North has agreed to donate his favorite drinking mug upon which the winners name shall be engraved.

Who will win Uncle Stanley’s Cup?  Will everyone explode with Awesomeness?!  Find out December 15th, 11pm, at De-sppiiiiiiiraaaaaaaaaaaddddooooooooooooooo

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: Champions Throwdown 2011

Dec 29th: The 2011 Holiday Playtacular


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