Preview: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

For Shawn Wickens, will the loneliness be crippling?

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

Shawn Wickens has no fear.  On this coming Thursday, December 1st at Inspirado, Shawn will take the stage alone, performing one-person improv show.  Wickens is the first person to ever attempt an Inspirado show by himself.  In a fake interview that we didn’t conduct, we asked Shawn if he was nervous.  “Nervous?” he didn’t say, “I’m not nervous.  I’m King Kong Mother #$%er.  I’m Don Corleone Mother @#$%er!  COME AT ME!”  Wow.

His competitor?  Everyone.  “Everyone” is any Megawatt or Musical Megawatt performer.  Tens of performers have already announced they’re stepping up to the challenge.  They include improv powerhouses like Kevin Cragg, Michael Jordan, Maggie Morris, Paul Barker, Ben Jones, Wayne Gretsky, Ruby Marez, Andrew Fafoutakis, Matt Shafeek, John Elway, Andrews Yurman Glaser, Don Romaniello, Megan Gray, Chano Garcia, Jamaal Sedayao, Babe Ruth, Austin Kuras, Courtney Wielgus, Jon Bander,  and many, many, oh god, many more.

Will Shawn Wickens be able to pull a 300 and defeat everyone?  Will there be more performers on stage than there are seats in the house?  Will Inspirado violate fire code?!  Find out on Thursday, Dec 1st at 11pm.  De-Spiiiiirrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaadooooooooooooooooooo.

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: Champions Throwdown 2011

Dec 29th: The 2011 Holiday Playtacular


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