The Deed Changes Hands!

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

It was a historic night at the sold out Inspirado arena, one that will never be forgotten.  As of Dec. 9th, 2011, the tyrannous rein of the “owners” is over!  At the end of this mud slinging grudge match, The Magnet Training Center’s Level 1 Students, would proudly be holding the deed (on leave from the Smithsonian) to the Magnet Theater.  After property being destroyed (Ed knocked down a mic stand), high emotions, and “rich” owners smack talking, the battle for the deed commenced!

The Level 1 Students went first and chose an Individual challenge,  they received Super Power.  Each player was given a super power that every character they played had to have.  The powers that were given were, invisibility, super strength, super speed, mind reading and shape shifting.  The set started off with a construction worker with super strength telling his boss that he wanted to “broaden his horizons”, “…now I want to focus on what else I can do.”  Then we saw a relationship in which the husband, who blocked out his wife’s mind reading powers, was having an affair with an invisible woman.  One of the more abstract scenes started off with two ducks on the water.  Soon after they started mating, “that’s some National Geographic shit right there”.  Right after they both finished, the shape shifter shifted out, “Ahhh…That’s what I needed”.  There’s nothing like a little Duck Love from the new owners!

The Owners (bathed in red light) took the stage next.  They chose a Physical challenge and received Slap/hug.  Every scene needed to began with either a slap or a hug and end with the opposite.  The first scene was a slap fight between two lovers, that quickly ended with them hugging and getting it over with.  We saw a scene in a haunted mansion, where there was blood on the walls and hands in the chimney, “Who would do such a thing!” (Enter Alex Marino), “I would”.  From there we saw a scene in a “sleep lab”, a woman who gave birth to a diamond baby and computer whiz who designed a “monster that moves like a robot”.  In the end, the owners would hang their heads on the fact that they had under estimated their training center (I hear that the new Magnet will have a water fountain!).

Glory has been served!  Level 1 Students will now, “Take level 2!”….ahhhh, all is right again.  Next week!  The 2011 Inspirado Champions Throwdown!  Featuring J.V., Listen Kid!, The Friday Night Sh*w, and Brick!  Who will win!  What will happen!  You find out, next week at 11pm at INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOO!!!!

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: Champions Throwdown 2011

Dec 29th: The 2011 Holiday Playtacular


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