Dec. 15th RECAP: LISTEN, KID Conquers The Night!

Irv Newburgh and Charlie Tickertape take home Uncle Stanley's Cup and bragging rights for 2011.

In December, Inspirado will be having 4 one-time-only shows of epic proportions, scale, and grandiloquence.  We’re calling it…De-spirado…

Smoke.  Fire.  The revving of Engines.  All of these things were at the pre-show to Despirado’s 2011 Championship Throwdown the 4 teams who have won the most Inspirados; Junior Varsity! BRICK! Friday Night Sh*w! Listen, Kid!  Trash talk was fierce, FNS team captain Laura Grey talked about her actual trash, while Listen, Kid’s Irv Neuburgh thought he was at a Magnet mixer, “it has to be a mixer, why else would BRICK be here?”  Oh sh*t…it’s on!

Friday Night Sh*w went first and chose a Stylistic challenge and received Quiz Show, which meant they had to perform a piece in the style of a Quiz Show.  We were taken to the set of “QUIZ SHOW 180,” where we met our three contestants, Danny, a k-12 gym teacher, Jeffrey, a rock climbing instructor who also dances, and Margaret, a home maker who doesn’t turn up on Internet searches.  The quiz show was complete with Physical Challenges, which consisted of Diesel coming onto the stage, dance-bending over and saying, “Mount Everest”.  At every commercial break, the set would switch 180 degrees, until they were hanging from the ceiling.  In the end, it would be Danny who would win for understanding exactly what Thoreau’s ‘Walden’ meant.

Junior Varsity, the first Inspirado champions ever, went next and chose a Nerdy challenge and received Back To The Future.  Each scene had to have one person who was secretly from the future.  We were immediately taken to a car where a boyfriend and girlfriend were talking about their date, then, the driver’s cousin chimed in and said, “…and then the towers fell”.  What followed were scenes about slow news days, grave digging for tuxedos and time cloning, a man with a song from the future (but ultimately, not a compelling one), and tons and tons of doors.  The audience was in stitches, as JV knew they would be, of course (hint: they’re from the future).

Listen, Kid! went next and they chose a Random challenge and recieved Choose Your Own Adventure.  They needed to perform a show in the style of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  The show featured Kevin Cobbs as a love struck Butler, slacking on his duties due to his new girlfriend, whom the audience chose to make her physically weird.  It was Al King’s Master character, however, that the Butler truly loved, and on the whim of the audience the two whisked away to a private J. Edgar-esque getaway upsate, where, upon polling the audience, they confessed their love for one another to the laughs and “awws” of the crowd.

Finally, Brick, the only team to ever complete an OH SHIT! challenge, chose a Dumb challenge and received Wackadoo.  They had to perform the last short form piece from the college improv group the Wackadoo Make-em Ups.  Tim Eberle wonderfully captured, “the senior who cares too much” as he introduced games such as A, B, Scene and Hot Spot.  There were wackadoo originals, such as YMCA, where all of the words in the sentence would only start with the letter YMCA (and then the girls only version YWCA).  The set was complete with freshman hazing, pleas to donate to the Female Crisis Center, and a fart chorus.  It captured everything we loved to hate about college improv.

In the end, it would be Listen, Kid! standing tall in a tightly contested match, raising Uncle Stanley’s cup high above their heads in celebration.

The final week of December, De-spirado will be concluding with The 2011 Holiday Playtacular, where 6 lucky audience members will join 6 magnet veteren all stars on stage for an legendary Inspirado.  In two weeks, this post could be all about you.  About how you won INSPIIIIIRAAAAAADOOOOOOOO.

De-spirado 2011

Dec. 1st: Everyone vs. Shawn Wickens

Dec 8th: Level One Students vs. THE OWNERS

Dec 15th: Champions Throwdown 2011

Dec 29th: The 2011 Holiday Playtacular


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