Dec. 29th RECAP: Ready, Set, PLAY!

It was a grudge match between Team 1 & Team 2- in the end, they found peace enough to take this photo.

The Play-Tacular!  The Last Despirado of 2011, The Last Inspirado until 2012…Wow.  The night started with a bucket full of audience members names.  These names were slowly drawn out to create Teams 1 & 2.  Team 1 consisted of veteran improvisors Kevin Cragg, Frank Bonomo, Megan Gray, and fresh from the audience, Andrew Fafoutakis,  Atheer Y,  and Robert!  Team 2 consisted of veteran improvisors Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein, Jon Bander and fresh from the audience, Nicole Hjelt, Lorena Russi, and Teddy Shivers.  After a suspenseful coin flip, Team 1 took the stage!  Let the Play-tacular-ate-ing begin!

Team 1 selected a Dumb challenge and received “Bad Chicken”; every character in their set had to have food poisoning.  This piece was full of vomit, horrible bathroom smells and disgusting noises; purely dumb.  We saw scenes at picnics with rancid bacon Mac & Cheese, burglars who danced around troubled couples, first dates gone wrong by bodily functions and people who got The Black Plague in order to be attractive.  It was a great set and no one went out for food after.

Team 2 took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received, “And The Winner Is…”;  they had to perform Oscar Winning moments from the 294th Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees.  Such films as Summer’s With Billy, Ghengis Tron, and The Dangerous Six, were some of the nominees.  We were given scenes that were informed by the titles of the films (Tequila Mockingbird) and also had that Oscar-y feel.  The Dangerous Six & The Dangerous Six II looked like Academy favorites.  Both films consisted of  a father leading his family to California, “I don’t know what’s out there, but I know it’s out there…California!”  It was a fabulous way to celebrate the Oscar host Billy Crystal and his brilliant films City Slickers & City Slickers II.  Thanks Billy.

It was a Play-Tastic night and at the end of the night it would be Team 2 who would receive a very hardy pat on the back!  Despirado is now complete!  Inspirado 2011 saw many things, most importantly…one Oh Shit! Challenge.  2012 will be an entirely different story.  As The Dale North Memorial Tchotchkes climbed back onto the Inspirado stage, the faint whisperings of  The Friday Night Sh*w’s  corporate sponsor Duane Reade were heard, “Arm Yourself…for a Duane Reade flu shot”.   Will they have what it takes to get to the 2nd ever Oh Shit! Challenge?  Will FNS be able to take down their next challengers, Honey?  Will Honey (a delicious food for bears) leave FNS all gunked up…or will they get run over by the FNS train?  You decide!  Next week at 11pm…HAPPY NEW YEAR….INNNNSSSPPPIIIIRADDDDDOOOOOOOOO!


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