January 5th RECAP: FRIDAY NIGHT SH*W Wins; Claims Highest Score Ever!

Open Mic Night at Inspirado!

It was a high energy night, after a very high energy month of Despirado!  We welcomed back the current champions The Friday Night Sh*w, and their challengers, the indie improv team, Honey!  The night started off with a peace offering from Honey team captian, Woody Fu, “would you like some imitation pockey (a biscuit stick with chocolate)?”  Friday Night Sh*w team captain, Paul Barker accepted the sweet snack and for a moment the thought of a hug was in the air, but it quickly dissolved and the hate was back on!

Honey went first and chose a Nerdy challenge and received “Fan Fiction”; they had to perform a fan fiction sequel to either Forrest Gump, Ghost Busters or Aladdin.  Immediately the Genie took the stage.  He was talking to Princess Jasmin and petting his many tigers (Genie loves tigers now).  The problem in Agrabah is that people hate blue genies.  This caused a resurgence of “normal” skinned genies and forced Genie to move into his Mom’s house for “just a few nights”.  It was Aladdin for Generation Y.  There was also an appearance from Jaffar, Iago (mistaken for Icky-tits) and Magic Carpets.  It truly was…a whole new world!

The Friday Night Sh*w took the stage next and chose the Individual challenge and received “Open Mic”; their show had to be a series of improvised stand up sets.  Our MC took the stage first, delivering some painfully awkward punch lines.  The audience was encouraged to tip their waitress, who was pissed that no one claimed their beer, “you still have to pay for the two drink minimum!”  Our first performer was Max Taggert, who did cocaine fueled impressions of Gandalf, Christopher Walken, and Jack Nicholson.  Next up was the sweet girlfriend of the MC, Lisa Pamper, who made pregnancy jokes directed at her longtime boyfriend.  There was an eruption from the audience for the drugged up BRAZ.  Who deemed himself, “The Kooky Comic”.  Braz told jokes mainly about his dick, before running to bathroom to do coke with Max Taggert.  Next we had Tim McCann, the intellectual comic who dropped wisdom on everyone and finally we saw Donnie Brosco.  Donnie traveled from Philly for this mic and coined the phrase, “who let the cats out?”  The show ended with the MC trying to propose to his long time girlfriend Lisa, only to have a freshly buzzed BRAZ ruin it.

It was a night of incredible energy, but in the end, The Friday Night Sh*w would leave with the highest score in Inspirado history.  Will this buzz be enough to carry them through to the Oh Shit! challenge?  Will next weeks challengers, Featherweight, be able to sober them up? Or will The Friday Night Sh*w have to change their name to The Thursday Night Sh*w?  You decided- next thursday at 11pm only at INNNSSSPPPIRRADDDOOOOOO!


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