Bush v. Gore, 2000.  Romney v. Santorum, 2012.  Add to the list: Leviathan vs. Friday Night Sh*w.

Wow.  Math is hard. Friday Night Sh*w. Leviathan. Both teams had amazing sets.  At the end of the show, after the hurried lobby count, The Friday Night Sh*w were declared the winners by slimmest margin.  However, when all the votes were re-tallied, in the first ever Inspirado match decided in a recount, it would Leviathan would be declared the winners of this match, in what would be deemed “the most anti-climactic win in Inspirado history.”  How did this happen?  Keep reading.

Leviathan chose a Nerdy challenge and received “Math Test”, they had to perform a mono-scene in which they completed and passed an actual math test.  What came next was a group of 8 students who made a pact to cheat on a math test together.  There was a blood oath, implied affairs with teachers, suggestions of an orgy, and many smart kids playing “outside the window” who seemed to know all the answers.  In the end, they all passed by getting the same score of 74 and no one showed their work.

The Friday Night Sh*w, in the 7th week on the Inspirado stage, chose an Artsy challenge and received “Golden Era”, their challenge was to do a silent film.  The piece started with a man leaving his dog with a man on the bench.  The man on the bench eventually became evil and killed the dog (why didn’t Chaplin do that?).  There were love stories, child mishaps and large man-eating flowers.  The slapstick comedy was easy to follow and extremely enjoyable.  Their was a man who was stripped completely, and later came on stage naked.  Yes naked.  In the end it would be a hilarious short that would rival any silent film.

The night was loud and the votes were tallied and in a very close win, Friday Night Sh*w was declared the winners.  But then, after a closer look, it would be Leviathan who would be deemed Inspirado champions.  This match was so close, a mis-calculation here and there decided it all.  Ironic, considering Leviathan‘s challenge.

WOW.  New Inspirado champions Leviathan will return next week after knocking the 6 time Inspirado winner off of their perch and back to their Friday Night slot.  They’ll face fellow upstart Megawatt powerhouse The Wrath!  Fresh blood for the fresh faces, who will win?!? Find out next week at INSPIRADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


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