Jan. 26th RECAP: In One Night, LEVIATHAN Takes Down FNS & THE WRATH!


It was a fiery night on the Inspirado stage!  At the top of the show, The Wrath and The Friday Night Sh*w were called up onto the stage.  But after the confusion cleared, it would be announced that Leviathan actually won last weeks Inspirado.  “Yea, but they’re NOT here!” screamed FNS Team Captain Russ Armstrong…then…from a mist, almost out of nowhere…in walked…LEVIATHAN! They defaced FNS ‘s Duane Reade sign and took the stage.  Victory had been served!  After some intense trash talk, Leviathan chose to go second and The Wrath took the stage!

The Wrath chose a Random challenge and received Tony Mui, their entire set had to be inspired by Tony Mui’s facebook page.  After scrolling though and seeing comments from Jamaal Sedayo, videos from “rave-like” concerts and posts about Tony’s cilantro farm, The Wrath was ready!  There were scenes about Jamaal & Tony, Tony & Julia Hynes, tony kidnapping orphan kids & Jamaal ‘liking’ it.  In one scene, Jamaal and Julia were in a Tony Mui torture chamber, in which we later learn, at a Brick rehearsal, they were both killed.  In the end it would be a Tony Mui buffett, the winner?  The audience.

Leviathan took the stage for the second week in a row and picked a Stylistic challenge and received Occupy Magnet.  Their set had to be in the style of a protest.  Immediately we saw a drum circle with Hackey Sack, Leaf & Arnold.  Their was an old fat cat looking down on them shouting out, “Get away you filthy hippies”.  Their were poetic dances, people quitting their jobs and a cop who didn’t want any trouble.  In the end, a father and a son re-united and America was better for it.

By the end of the night, Leviathan was declared the winner of not only one but two teams!  They gloriously held The Dale North Memorial Chotchkies high in the air and pledged to prepare for next week!  BEEES! will be taking the stage next week.  Will Leviathan destroy their nest?  Or will BEEES! bring a bite that will take down the new Inspirado champions?  You decide, next week on Feb. 2nd at INNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!


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