PREVIEW: When BEES! Attack!


Bees are no joke.  They can swarm, suffocate and eventually kill their prey.  But this Thursday, BEES! will take a hilarious swing at the inspirado champions- Leviathan.  The musical improv team known for witty on the spot songs and crazy Narnia Bar Mitzfah’s, will take the stage this thursday night!  BEES! is made up of Jamie Cummings, Eliana Lane, Michael Lutton, Justin Moran, Desiree Nash, Steve Whyte, and Chaterine Wing.

Now, you must be thinking- wait a second, Michael Lutton is on both teams…That’s right, this thursday is a special Inspirado- LUTTON vs. LUTTON.

Will Lutton side with the current Inspirado champions, Leviathan?  Or will he do his best to undermine his current team so that BEES! can attack again!  You decide, this thursday, Feb. 2nd, Lutton vs. Lutton, INNNNSSSPPPIIIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!!!


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