Feb. 16th RECAP: BEES! Embraces Beethoven For Win!

It's BEES! Again!

It was a classic night on the Inspirado stage.  The Surge took the stage and came ready with trash talk!  “I hear the life-time of the average Bee is 3 weeks!”  Each slam would get an uproar from the crowd.  BEES! team captain Michael Lutton stared down The Surge, and the games were on!

The Surge went first and chose a Physical challenge and received Tough Cop.  Each scene had to have a 55 year old unapologetic cop named Detective Murphy.  Slap!  Slam!  Boom!  MURPHY is here!  Murphy changed form over the set, but every time he had the same grizzled voice. One Murphy enjoyed paying for sex, one was a celebrity Murphy, one was a pants-less robot Murphy, we were even given a Murphy family gathering.  In the end, a meeting with all of the Murphy’s was in order,  and no one apologized for a “god damn thing”!

In their third week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! was up next!  They chose the Dumb challenge and received Beethoven.  They had to do a musical set in which all of their characters were deaf.  The opening number was loud and chaotic, no one was listening because no one could.  Their was a sign language scene, a three way “write-off” and a very confrontational discussion with a diary.  By the end, their was a language that was established on the stage and whatever it was, the audience understood it perfectly.

BEES! took the night!  They posed gracefully by The Dale North Memorial Chatchkies and ate cupcakes!  But will next week be as celebratory?  The Friday night powerhouse Whisky Tango Foxtrot will be taking the stage next week, what will happen?  You decide.  11pm.  WTF vs. BEES!  INNSPPPIIRRADDDOOOOOOO!


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