March 29th RECAP: HORSES Trots Over Junior Varsity!

An explosive Inspirado crowd, a pack of wild animals and a ragtag group of highschool dropouts!  Here we go!  Horses team captain George Fernandez came on stage first and offered up some advice to the crowd, “I don’t want to hear you chanting…JV! JV! JV!”.  Junior Varsity team captain Sean Taylor responded by saying, “I don’t mind if you do that”.  BOOM!

Horses was up first and chose the Indianapolis challenge (in the history of the show, the challenge has only been chosen 5 times).  They received Travelers; Horses needed to be a traveling improv group, from Indianapolis, who was pandering to the New York City crowd.  They opened their set as a falsely confident traveling troupe, “Who here has recently had a NATHAN’S HOT DOOOG?!”  They continued to do ‘relevant’ jokes by talking about The MTA, Central Park, Times Square and Bushwick.   Two people in the group were dating and dealing with personal troubles in which the entire team was privy too.  They tagged in and out of the couples fights and in the end decided to head back to where they belonged, the great city of Indianapolis.

Junior Varsity took the stage next and chose a Physical Challenge.  They received, First Contact.  Junior Varsity were Aliens that came to Earth to do an improv show.  The only understanding they had of Earthling’s were broadcasts of  “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.  They began their set by getting hit in the groin.  Then they went on to play volleyball, in which someone was hit in the groin.  They discussed how to properly laugh, and sweep a scene (Klang, an alien, never really was able to get it right).  Finally, Bob Sagat made an appearance and everyone went ballistic.  Thank you AFV, Bob Sagat and the art of groin hits!

Finally, after the fiery night, HORSES would go on to become the new Inspirado champions!  Next week they face off against the indie duo UPSTATE!  Will they be able to muster enough Horse Power to take down Upstate?  Or will Upstate have their way with the new champions?  Find out for yourself, next thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADOO!!!!!!!!!!



March 29th Preview: Can Horses Drag JV Away?


They’re here!  With the wind at their backs and nothing but beautiful frontier ahead.  HORSES takes the stage this week at Inspirado!  This Magical Megawatt Mare is ready to take the current Inspirado champions for a ride.  Horses is Russ Armstrong, Kelly Buttermore, Paul Barker, George Fernandez, Frank Bonomo, Mike Berry, Kim Ferguson and Federico Gardulo.

Will Junior Varsity be able to hold on?  Or will they take down Horses just like every other wild beast they’ve conquered?  You decide- at this Wild Wild West of an Inspirado, Thursday at 11pm.  !NSPIRADOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

March 22nd Re-Cap: JV Overcomes Heckler, wins 3rd in a row!

It was a night of interruption and implied kissing at Inspirado, as Duo veterens RUBIN gave returning champions JUNIOR VARSITY a run for their money.  In the end, JV would prevail and walk away with their 3rd straight victory.

The evening began with the lovey dovey trash talk Inspirado audiences have come to expect from JV softy Sean Taylor and challenger Ruby Marez, after which Rubin took the stage and selected a Physical challenge.  They received Lips: Every scene in your show begins in the moment immediately after a kiss.  Rubin treated the crowd to post-kiss moments ranging from a teenage couple in a car “getting back to business” to a couple signing their divorce papers, and a man re-climbing a tower to kiss his love.  There were heartfelt moments, silliness, and much laughter, and Binu didn’t die falling off the top of the set, to everyone’s relief.

Junior Varisty next took the stage and selected a Random challenge, and they received Heckler: Your show will have a heckler.  Deal with them.  JV went to it, performing a set of improv, all while being interrupted by Brick member Jamaal Sedayao, who demanded the show take a turn more towards his original suggestion of “Dildo Factory”.  JV obliged, performing heckler-inspired scenes taking place in such exotic locales as a dildo factory, and Megan Gray’s behind.

In the end, JV conquered the heckler and won the audience’s favor.  They will return next week to face off against Megawatt team HORSES in an all-star packed fight to the death.  INSPIRAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

March 22nd PREVIEW: RUBIN Aims Eyes On JV!

Watch out JV!  Rubin is here and they’re looking for an improv battle!  Not just a normal battle, this ecstatic couple will deliver an explosive and entertaining treat to the Inspirado audience. This indie duo promises to bring a multi-character rumpus that will most likely end in awkwardness.  Rubin is Ruby Marez and Binu Paulose.

On their 3rd week in Inspirado, can the current champs take down this troll-loving duo?  Or will it be Junior Varsity who is chased out of the arena?  You decide, tonight at 11pm….INSPIRRADDDDOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

March 15th PREVIEW: Soothsayer To JV, “BEWARE OF CHORAL RAGE!”

March 15th will forever be known as The Ides of March.  Not necessarily a gloomy day to all…just to some!  Tonight, at 11pm, CHORAL RAGE, the Musical Magnet Megastars take the Inspirado stage for the first time ever!  They’ll bring their choral strength and deadly rage to attempt to take down the new Inspirado champions!

Will their rage against Junior Varsity make them do something unforgivable (like defeat them?)  Or will JV learn from Shakespeare and get the hell away from their enemies?  You decide- tonight, 11pm….INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


A victorious J.V., after a sold out Inspirado!

It was a hot night at Inspirado.  BEES! + JV = An Audience Hungry For Funny.  Michael Lutton, BEES! team captain, threw down unspeakable trash talk (so unspeakable, I won’t speak of it here). In their sixth week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! decided to go second…bring on Junior Varsity!

Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, chose a Nerdy challenge and received  Comic Book; they needed to improvise a comic book.  We were given a comic book, panel by panel, complete with editors notes and ads.  The comic was about a very special super hero known as Bat Vigilante.  The evil Librarians (there were two to be clear), were terrorizing Gotham City.  Bat Vigilante, who later became Batman, lost his suit at the dry cleaners and had to stalk people who he thought stole he suit.  Eventually, he got around to stopping the bad guys, who finally broke the law, and justice was restored in Gotham.  Batman though, was left wearing a large barrel with straps.  Well done Batman, well done.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Sketch Show.  They were given a set list and needed to perform a sketch show.  We saw sketches such as “Sharpie Sex”, “Gay Rhino” and “Butt Hootenanny ” #1, #2, #3 and finally #4.  All of these sketches had wonderful musical accompaniment, especially “Butt Hootenanny #4”, where the pianist actually took part in the Butt Hootenanny.  It was a hilarious sketch show that must have taken lots of hard, labor intensive rehearsal.

There was a drum roll and finally, JUNIOR VARSITY was declared the winner.  It was a wonderful run by the amazingly talented BEES!  Junior Varsity posed by the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, was champions once again.  Will next week be as hopeful for the Inspirado legends?  Choral Rage will be making their debut on the Inspirado stage!  What will happen!?  Who will win?  You decide…Thursday 11PM…INNNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!!!!!

March 8th PREVIEW: Junior Varsity is back…

Old School Junior Varsity

A locker room brawl.  Too soft.  A gang war.  Too easy.  An all out battle to the death!  Bingo.  Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, is back.  And they mean business.  The powerhouse Thursday Night Out team has been off the Inspirado stage for too long, and now that they have a shot at the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, they don’t intend to waste it.  Junior Varsity is Megan Gray, Kevin Cragg, Jarrett Berenstein, Sean Taylor, Shawn Wickens and Jamie Rivera.

In their 6th week on the Inspirado stage, will BEES! be able to stop the immortal J.V.?  Or will it be BEES! who conquers the legendary Junior Varsity?!  There is only one way to find out- this Thursday, 11pm, don’t be afraid….INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOO!