March 1st Recap: In 5th Week- BEEES! Wins!

The Internet Is A Rough Place

It was a musical night on the Inspirado stage!  The Megawatt allstars, Grappler, took the stage with a little surprise, they had Frank Spitznagel the pianist!  The Megawatt stars, decided to do a musical set!  How did BEES!, the musical megawatt team respond?  Read on…

Grappler was up first and they chose a Style challenge and received Commercial Break.  Their show had to be nothing but commercials.  Since they had an piano player, they had music for all of their commercials.  There were Viagra commercials, U.S. Army commercials and All State commercials .  There were also some obscure ones, commercials for Morphine, WWII and for the 6:30 show at The Magnet Theater this Sunday called The Chosen Ones.  In the end, it was very informational and left the audience wanting to ‘buy! buy! buy!’ something.

BEES! was up next and they chose a Nerdy challenge and received Message Board.  They had to perform a show that took place on an internet message board.  They did a great job at identifying message board archtypes- the nudist, the teenager, the feminist, the creeper and the bro.  There were songs about webcams, showing your breasts, “internet” saving someone’s life and finally about a grandma showing her tits.  It was an eventful set and one that we’ve all lived at somepoint in our lives…(I’m talking to you loverboy69).

After the second closest Inspirado match in history, BEES! took the prize!  They posed ever to gracefully near the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies and smiled.  Will they be smiling next week?   Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match will be coming to the stage.  Will they be able to defeat the 5 time winning champions?  Or will J.V.  just become another notch in their belt?  Find out next week at 11pm only at INNPPIIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!


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