March 8th PREVIEW: Junior Varsity is back…

Old School Junior Varsity

A locker room brawl.  Too soft.  A gang war.  Too easy.  An all out battle to the death!  Bingo.  Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, is back.  And they mean business.  The powerhouse Thursday Night Out team has been off the Inspirado stage for too long, and now that they have a shot at the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, they don’t intend to waste it.  Junior Varsity is Megan Gray, Kevin Cragg, Jarrett Berenstein, Sean Taylor, Shawn Wickens and Jamie Rivera.

In their 6th week on the Inspirado stage, will BEES! be able to stop the immortal J.V.?  Or will it be BEES! who conquers the legendary Junior Varsity?!  There is only one way to find out- this Thursday, 11pm, don’t be afraid….INNNSPPPIIIRRADDDOOOO!


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