A victorious J.V., after a sold out Inspirado!

It was a hot night at Inspirado.  BEES! + JV = An Audience Hungry For Funny.  Michael Lutton, BEES! team captain, threw down unspeakable trash talk (so unspeakable, I won’t speak of it here). In their sixth week on the Inspirado stage, BEES! decided to go second…bring on Junior Varsity!

Junior Varsity, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, chose a Nerdy challenge and received  Comic Book; they needed to improvise a comic book.  We were given a comic book, panel by panel, complete with editors notes and ads.  The comic was about a very special super hero known as Bat Vigilante.  The evil Librarians (there were two to be clear), were terrorizing Gotham City.  Bat Vigilante, who later became Batman, lost his suit at the dry cleaners and had to stalk people who he thought stole he suit.  Eventually, he got around to stopping the bad guys, who finally broke the law, and justice was restored in Gotham.  Batman though, was left wearing a large barrel with straps.  Well done Batman, well done.

BEES! took the stage next and chose a Random challenge and received Sketch Show.  They were given a set list and needed to perform a sketch show.  We saw sketches such as “Sharpie Sex”, “Gay Rhino” and “Butt Hootenanny ” #1, #2, #3 and finally #4.  All of these sketches had wonderful musical accompaniment, especially “Butt Hootenanny #4”, where the pianist actually took part in the Butt Hootenanny.  It was a hilarious sketch show that must have taken lots of hard, labor intensive rehearsal.

There was a drum roll and finally, JUNIOR VARSITY was declared the winner.  It was a wonderful run by the amazingly talented BEES!  Junior Varsity posed by the Dale North Memorial Chatchkies, the first team to ever win an Inspirado match, was champions once again.  Will next week be as hopeful for the Inspirado legends?  Choral Rage will be making their debut on the Inspirado stage!  What will happen!?  Who will win?  You decide…Thursday 11PM…INNNSPPPIRRADDOOO!!!!!!


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