March 22nd Re-Cap: JV Overcomes Heckler, wins 3rd in a row!

It was a night of interruption and implied kissing at Inspirado, as Duo veterens RUBIN gave returning champions JUNIOR VARSITY a run for their money.  In the end, JV would prevail and walk away with their 3rd straight victory.

The evening began with the lovey dovey trash talk Inspirado audiences have come to expect from JV softy Sean Taylor and challenger Ruby Marez, after which Rubin took the stage and selected a Physical challenge.  They received Lips: Every scene in your show begins in the moment immediately after a kiss.  Rubin treated the crowd to post-kiss moments ranging from a teenage couple in a car “getting back to business” to a couple signing their divorce papers, and a man re-climbing a tower to kiss his love.  There were heartfelt moments, silliness, and much laughter, and Binu didn’t die falling off the top of the set, to everyone’s relief.

Junior Varisty next took the stage and selected a Random challenge, and they received Heckler: Your show will have a heckler.  Deal with them.  JV went to it, performing a set of improv, all while being interrupted by Brick member Jamaal Sedayao, who demanded the show take a turn more towards his original suggestion of “Dildo Factory”.  JV obliged, performing heckler-inspired scenes taking place in such exotic locales as a dildo factory, and Megan Gray’s behind.

In the end, JV conquered the heckler and won the audience’s favor.  They will return next week to face off against Megawatt team HORSES in an all-star packed fight to the death.  INSPIRAAAADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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