March 29th RECAP: HORSES Trots Over Junior Varsity!

An explosive Inspirado crowd, a pack of wild animals and a ragtag group of highschool dropouts!  Here we go!  Horses team captain George Fernandez came on stage first and offered up some advice to the crowd, “I don’t want to hear you chanting…JV! JV! JV!”.  Junior Varsity team captain Sean Taylor responded by saying, “I don’t mind if you do that”.  BOOM!

Horses was up first and chose the Indianapolis challenge (in the history of the show, the challenge has only been chosen 5 times).  They received Travelers; Horses needed to be a traveling improv group, from Indianapolis, who was pandering to the New York City crowd.  They opened their set as a falsely confident traveling troupe, “Who here has recently had a NATHAN’S HOT DOOOG?!”  They continued to do ‘relevant’ jokes by talking about The MTA, Central Park, Times Square and Bushwick.   Two people in the group were dating and dealing with personal troubles in which the entire team was privy too.  They tagged in and out of the couples fights and in the end decided to head back to where they belonged, the great city of Indianapolis.

Junior Varsity took the stage next and chose a Physical Challenge.  They received, First Contact.  Junior Varsity were Aliens that came to Earth to do an improv show.  The only understanding they had of Earthling’s were broadcasts of  “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.  They began their set by getting hit in the groin.  Then they went on to play volleyball, in which someone was hit in the groin.  They discussed how to properly laugh, and sweep a scene (Klang, an alien, never really was able to get it right).  Finally, Bob Sagat made an appearance and everyone went ballistic.  Thank you AFV, Bob Sagat and the art of groin hits!

Finally, after the fiery night, HORSES would go on to become the new Inspirado champions!  Next week they face off against the indie duo UPSTATE!  Will they be able to muster enough Horse Power to take down Upstate?  Or will Upstate have their way with the new champions?  Find out for yourself, next thursday at 11pm!  INSPIRADOO!!!!!!!!!!



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