April 5th RECAP: Hunger Games Meets Easter As UPSTATE Tames Horses!

It was a brutally religious night on the Inspirado stage, and after the Easter Egg Hunt finished, there would be only one tribute left, Upstate.  The night started off with some trash talk from Upstate captain Dustin Drury, “BOOOOOOO!” he said.  Horses team captain George Fernandez responded with some fiery rhetoric that can only be summed up as, confusingly brilliant.  May the odd’s be ever in your favor.

Upstate went first and chose a Nerdy Challenge and received Peeta.  They had to perform a piece as tributes at the 74th annual Hunger Games.  They started with a tribute from district 2 and district 3 facing off.  They had an alliance, but 2 was getting frustrated with 3.  After killing 3, 2 discovered a beautiful tribute hiding behind the bushes listening to everything they were saying.  After agreeing to form an alliance, Arnold, the man/dog appeared.  The scene was fluttered with specific characters, slow pointless deaths, and the basic confusion about the function of the Hunger Games, “I thought this was a race!”  After a betrayal, they finally to did what they always should have done, started the race.

Horses came next and chose a Physical Challenge.  They received Easter Egg Hunt.  There were 24 eggs hidden in the theater, Horses had to find them before the end of their set.  Immediately the hunt began, Pastor Russ tried to corral people, but it was useless, everyone was just another “sucrose slut”.  The meaning of Easter is precious and holy, said Pastor Russ, which was immediately followed by, “I found another egg!”  We may not know why Easter is here, but at least we get to eat all of this sucrose.  Happy Easter.

After all the ballots had been counted, Upstate stood gloriously on the Inspirado stage!  They await their next challenger, feeling more confident than ever.  Join us next week at 11pm, as Upstate tries to defend their title in the 75th annual INNNSPPPIIIRADDOOOO!!!!!!!


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